AirVision Fare Manager

Interfacing: A component of integrated solution

Main Advantages:
+ Deliver comprehensive competitive fares data by accepting fares and rule content from industry fare vendors and internet fare providers
+ Increasing analyst efficiency through an intuitive interface - case studies have shown that carriers utilizing the Fares Manager solution can improve analysts' reactive capabilities by over 500 percent as opposed to a manual process using ATPCO online tools to monitor fare changes

Product description

Increase your revenue through optimal pricing decisions with Sabre® AirVision™ Fares Manager. Fares Manager is a pricing decision support tool that allows airlines to more quickly update published, negotiated and add-on fares.

Pricing strategy is a crucial aspect to maximizing your revenue. Fares Manager is the industry’s leading pricing solution and provides a powerful data query tool that helps pricing analysts examine the relevant market data to make optimal pricing decisions. Whether you are looking to lead the market or quickly respond to competitors’ changes, you can make the right adjustments at the right time.


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Categories and features

Fares management & pricing

Fare and rules management
Fare performance
Market analysis

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