AirVision Fleet Manager

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Main Advantages:
Increase Revenue

+ Maximize profitability by developing optimal fleet assignments for seasonal schedules based on forecasted average demand for a future schedule period based on passenger flows throughout the schedule network
+ Enhance strategic planning by allowing planners to better identify markets to retain or cancel, and investigate the profitability of new hub structures
+ Improve aircraft utilization by enabling planners to develop profitable schedules that simultaneously add a combination of fleeting and timing changes to the schedule

Reduce Costs

+ Improve short-term planning and better match planes to route demand with re-fleeting by day of week based on revenue management data. This helps take advantage of more accurate booking forecasts and variances in demand by day of week, especially among crew-compatible aircraft if within the crew bid period

Product description

Maximize total network profitability by easily matching the most appropriate aircraft type to each flight leg with Sabre® AirVision™ Fleet Manager. Fleet Manager is a global schedule optimization system that considers operational constraints and uses patented technology to model passenger flows across the network so that capacity is assigned to maximize profitability.

Assigning aircraft to scheduled flight segments is one of the most important decisions affecting airline profitability. However, many factors go into fleet assignment, and for many airlines, this process is inefficient and leads to higher costs or missed revenue opportunities.

Fleet Manager assigns the most appropriate aircraft type to each flight leg, thereby minimizing the effects of both spoilage (flying empty seats) and spill (failing to accommodate passengers). It combines economic and operational information from across the airline in order to create fleet recommendations that are robust, feasible and profitable.


Fleet planning is a critical element of successful network planning. It impacts your brand, profitability and operational success. Once you select our product, we engage with you immediately and continue to work with you through implementation and product adoption. This enables you to more quickly derive an optimal return on investment and train your staff to realize the fullest benefits from our solution.

Additional consulting offerings that further enable you to maximize the solution’s value include:

  • Close-In Re-Fleeting Consulting
  • Long-Term Network Planning Consulting
  • Integrated Scenario Based Product Training Consulting
  • Season Planning Consulting

Categories and features

Fleet management

Fleet assigning
Tail assignment optimization

Revenue management

Fleet optimization recommendation

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