AirCentre eFlight Manager

Interfacing: A component of integrated solution

Main Advantages:
+ Enhancing communications by including the aircraft, regardless of size or type of aircraft, into the company network
+ Reducing delays through enhanced communication of data between your flight crew and your maintenance department
+ Migrating from a paper-based to a paperless process can offer potential savings in excess of US$100,000 per year, per aircraft

Product description

Enhance communications and reduce delays by integrating your aircraft into the company network. From simple solutions such as electronic versions of required manuals to real-time weather displays, approach plates and airfield diagrams, adding an Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) solution to your operation will drive substantial benefits.

EFB is a component of Sabre® AirCentre™ eFlight Manager – a comprehensive solution that includes both software and services to facilitate the transition from a paper environment to an electronic one.


Categories and features

EFB software

E-charts (SID, STAR, en-route)
E-documents from company Document Management System

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