Operating System: Windows, iOS
Communications: Internet

Main Advantages:
+ Great tool for affordable prize
+ Multiplatform
+ Easy to use

Main Disadvantages:
- Web based application
- No off-line capability

Product description

ATLAS provides interactive Runway Analysis via the internet. Runway Analysis consisting of primarily Take-Off and Landing Data, Airport Data consisting exclusively of airport environment characteristics to produce Runway Analysis. ATLAS is available via the internet. Delivery of analyses is either online, through email, or via fax. With our worldwide airport obstacle database, we can provide charter customers "Runway Analysis"at a moments notice though our automated system.


Categories and features

Performance calculations

Engine-out special SID
Take-off and landing runway analysis
Watch airports

Weight & balance

Weight and balance

Aircraft Performance Group

Aircraft Performance Group, Inc. (APG) was established with the goal of providing accurate and timely "Runway Analysis" (Takeoff and Landing Performance Data) and "Weight and Balance" information to the aviation industry. Data adhering to FAA, ICAO, or JAR-OPS requirements is available 24 hours/day, 7 days/week through our internet based system and stand-alone products.

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