Operating System: OS Windows XP or Windows 7 on the client side and on Windows 2008 server on the server side. The database engine must be Oracle 10g/11g or Firebird.
Interfacing: APM's installation and integration services enable interfacing with most aviation systems solutions

Main Advantages:
+ An easier to way to manage in-flight service for both your passengers and crew
+ Easily assign in-flight items based on your flight schedule and passenger numbers
+ Automatic updates to in-flight requirements when schedule or passenger number change
+ Option to integrate InFlightServices with your general ledger
+ Plug-in-and-play integration with APM's SchedulePlanner and SmartOps provides live operational data

Product description

Once you have specified your airline's preferred range of on-board items, by supplier and associated costs, you can create and assign combinations of in-flight items that are suited to particular departure times and durations including the relevant catering loading airport.

InFlightServices identifies and allocates the in-flight items that meet the demands of your flight schedule and its expected number of passengers.

It generates a report for your airline’s catering suppliers itemising what is required for each flight, the airport where catering will be loaded as well as calculating the total cost for catering.

And, of course, when there are changes to flight schedules, in-flight requirements are automatically updated too.

Because InFlightServices seamlessly connects with APM’s SchedulePlanner and SmartOps, the live schedule feeds flight information automatically into InFlightServices without the need for any intermediary software.


Categories and features

Inflight & catering

Catering costs
Catering costs forecast
Catering equipment inventory
Catering production management
Galley loading plan
IATA meal code dictionary
Loading instructions
Meal management
Meal specifications
Statistics and reports (catering)
Unit loading plan

APM Technologies

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