Operating System: Windows
Data Suppliers: Aircraft performance database from the manufacturer - file as for flight planning system
Communications: Internet, ACARS or QAR
Interfacing: SCAP APM

Main Advantages:
+ Significant reduction of time required to manually handle the process (a few minutes instead of 1FTE!)
+ Clear overview of aircraft's deviation from a standard model by comprehensive, yet easy to use interface
+ Automatic detection of problems related to aircraft performance or recording system
+ Verification of manufacturer's Aircraft Performance Guarantees
+ Customized calculation of Performance Factors for each aircraft

Product description

StorkJet APM tool is designed to automatize the process of monitoring the aircraft performance and provide feedback regarding performance of each aircraft.

• Fully automatic aircraft performance monitoring
• Aircraft Performance reports via web platform or Excel
• Fully automatic processing of reports using SCAP-APM
• Extraction of Cruise Performance Reports from ACARS messages or ACMS files
• Input and output data available in relational database



Categories and features

Aircraft communications & connectivity

ACARS messages
Customizable flight data reports

Aircraft performance monitoring

Fuel efficiency improvement program
Fuel efficiency reports
Operational flight/fuel data management
Potential fuel savings


StorkJet is a creative, dynamic company that combines knowledge of aviation engineers, IT experts, scientists and pilots in order to create customized, dedicated solutions for the aviation industry. Our ambition is to bring a fresh look on IT for aviation.

The company has been founded to provide innovative solutions that are not only IT masterpieces, but also resolve day-to-day operational problems, enhance safety and optimize areas of flight operations which have the biggest impact on efficiency. We believe that by using science and comprehensive data analysis we can make aviation more efficient and safer than ever before.

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