Flightkeys 5D

Operating System: Web-based
Data Suppliers: Open vendor policy
Communications: Internet, SITA, ARINC, ACARS
Interfacing: OPS systems, scheduling systems, APM, crew management, fuel management, EFB

Main Advantages:
+ The world's first 5D trajectory generation system
+ Ultra scalable, built on latest technology and architecture standards
+ Open system interface policy
+ First principle aircraft performance model
+ Easily integratable in existing system landscape
+ Fully automated flight management processes
+ Resolution driven alerting, management by offered solution
+ AIXM and FIXM support
+ ATC/ATM integration
+ Holistic air traffic consideration

Having developed flight planning systems for more than 30 years, the FLIGHTKEYS team has the background to ensure that 5D meets the basic requirements of trajectory management and flight planning systems. We think that features like fuel tankering, ETOPS, Terrain avoidance scenarios, precise overflight fee computation, tailored NOTAM and weather briefings, consideration of weather hazards, etc. are basic features and do not have to be explained in detail. 5D will be built on top of these standard features and drive them even further. A set of advanced features of 5D is listed below:

-5D Multiverse (probabilistic dimension)
-High-speed, one-pass trajectory optimizer
-Full Flight Dynamics
-Alert-resolution driven
-Network and traffic awareness
-Web-based, Cloud and Mobile
-Tight ATM system integration
-Dynamic Airport suitability checking
-In-flight trajectory management
-Analytics module
-Flight lifecycle traceability
-Advanced APM integration
-Policy editor
-FIXM 4.0 support

Categories and features

Aircraft communications & connectivity

ACARS messages
Aircraft situation display
FMS OFP uplink
FMS wind uplink

Aircraft performance monitoring

Fuel efficiency improvement program
Operational flight/fuel data management
Potential fuel savings

Community messaging

Address book
Connections configuration setup
Datalink service
Message management
Messaging gateway
QoS performance against SLA
Real-time status tracking
Type B messages

EFB software

Actual weather reports (on-line)
Cockpit data syncronisation (between EFB devices in the cockpit)
E-documents from company Document Management System
E-journey log
EFB Crew notifications

ETS/CO2 reports

Automatic tasks
CO2 emmision report (ICAO and EU compliant)

Fleet management

Fleet assigning
Fleet recovery optimization
Simulation scenarios (fleet)
Tail assignment optimization

Flight operations control

Aircraft position (real-time)
Aircraft rotations
Airport directory
Airport weather warning
ASM message
Automatic e-mail notification system
Automatic OPS messaging (MVT, LDM...)
Delay cost forecast computation and/or consideration for fleet prioritization
Detailed passenger information consideration
Flight following and monitoring
Flight status
Irregularities solver
Messaging system
NOTAM monitoring
On-cost performance
On-time performance
Operations schedule recovery
Passenger connections
Surface weather (SA, FC, FT, WS)
Warning alerts
Weather monitoring

Flight planning

ATS FPL filing via Eurocontrol B2B
Automatic additional FPL addressing
Automatic airport suitability check
Automatic route building
City pair comparison
Company NOTAM
Configurable automatic tasks
Critical fuel scenario
Cross-section weather chart
Delay cost optimization / flight network optimization
EASA OPS compliant
Engine degradation ratio
Enviromental flight profile (minimum CO2)
FAA compliant
FPL/CASA messages to cellphone
Fuel tankering
Full client flight log customization
In-flight ATC clearance safety checks
In-flight full recalculation on EFB
In-flight full recalculation on EFB with air-ground connectivity
In-flight simple recalculation on EFB
In-flight trajectory re-calculation
Manual SID/STAR corrections
MEL/CDL integration (flight planning)
Multi leg fuel tankering
Network installation
NOTAM filtering
Off-line working capability (flight planning)
Operations control module
Optimization by fuel/time/cost
Overflight charges calculation
Overflight permits management and checks
Oxygen performance planning
RAD compliant
RAIM predictions
Reduced contingency fuel procedures
Refresh of calculated OFP
Route optimization considering overflight charges
Scheduled flight planning
Stand-alone installation
Statistical winds
Statistics (flight planning)
Terrain driftdown scenario
Trip tailored weather charts
Turbulence alerts and guidance
Upload of documents to OFP
Web-based crew briefing
Worldwide ATS FPL filing

Fuel management

Airline fuel performance
Statistics and reports (fuel)

Ground operations

Automatic fuel order


MEL tracking/management

Performance calculations

Calculation via ACARS request/response
Driftdown and decompression procedures
Engine-out special SID
MEL/CDL consideration (performance)
Real-time NOTAMs
Real-time weather
Take-off and landing runway analysis
Terrain and obstacle data
Watch airports


FLIGHTKEYS - a Vienna based software development company - has been founded in April 2015 by a team of passionate flight optimization and high profile aviation experts with very special knowledge and long-term experience in the field of flight planning & optimization. The company's mission is to completely re-write the science of flight management for the 21st century by precisely meeting the emerging requirements of cost-optimized airline operations, trajectory-based operations and reduction of emissions. The focus is on affordable, user-friendly systems that provide the ultimate level of cost optimization and integrate seamlessly into future airline operations and ATM systems.

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