AIRCOM® FlightTracker

Data Suppliers: FlightAware, Schneider Electric
Interfacing: SITA's ATI Cloud

Main Advantages:
+ A single source application with the best available position data allows airline operations departments to maintain more accurate aircraft awareness
+ Availability of ADS-B coverage in key locations can quickly be added to expand coverage
+ Where available, ATC radar data provides a valuable additional aircraft position source, especially where some aircraft in the fleet are not equipped with ACARS or ADS-B OUT capabilities
+ Where terrestrial ATC radar or ADS-B is not available, position reporting is automatically triggered by ACARS
+ Dispatchers can more easily view the potential impact of critical weather forecasts on a flight including turbulence and thunderstorms

Product description

Airlines need to be able to track their flights wherever they are in the world, in real-time. SITA’s AIRCOM® FlightTracker is a ground-based software system that guarantees regular flight position updates and requires no modification to aircraft.

AIRCOM FlightTracker works by gathering data from multiple global sources and fills-in-the gaps between any air navigation service provider (ANSP) tracking. Airlines can also be fully aware of the potential weather impacts on their operation, including the ability to use the latest forecasts to evaluate expected en-route turbulence that may impact a flight as it progresses.


  • AIRCOM FlightTracker’s tracking application shows an airline’s aircraft fleet on a Google Maps display. It uses several sources of position data including ANSP radar, automatic dependent surveillance – broadcast  (ADS-B), with a network of over 1700 receivers worldwide, and the aircraft communications and reporting system (ACARS).
  • When an aircraft is out of coverage of terrestrial tracking, AIRCOM FlightTracker automatically uses the future air navigation system (FANS) capability of the aircraft, if equipped, or flight management system position reports if not, to guarantee regular global tracking.
  • With this predictable, global tracking capability AIRCOM FlightTracker can raise automatic alerts if an aircraft stops reporting its position or deviates unexpectedly.
  • Aggregated aircraft position data, provided by FlightAware, merges ACARS data with the aircraft location data that is received from multiple sources. This combination provides the most accurate and complete position data available.
  • Schneider Electric provides weather data layers as requested by users.

Malaysia Airlines, Air China, Air Astana, Vistara

Categories and features

Aircraft communications & connectivity

ACARS messages

Flight operations control

Aircraft position (real-time)
Flight following and monitoring
Flight status


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