AIRCOM® FlightMessenger

Interfacing: SITA´s ATI Cloud

Main Advantages:
+ AIRCOM FlightMessenger interfaces with existing airline systems and seamlessly exchanges data with all aircraft, regardless of the avionics on board
+ Flexible application improves communications to and from the aircraft
+ Easily modifiable to accommodate changes in aircraft equipment, IT applications, and infrastructure
+ Aircraft tracking facility combines the latest in aircraft tracking data, flight plan information and weather data with other information from the aircraft.
+ Not restricted to ACARS related processes only + The system can be put at the heart of many airline processes
+ Requirements of new generation aircraft can easily be incorporated into the system.

Product description

SITA’s AIRCOM® FlightMessenger (formerly known as AIRCOM Server) combines air-to-ground communications management with powerful and flexible integration capabilities. It allows airlines to make the best use of data while being highly efficient.

Airlines need to incorporate their aircraft data into their IT infrastructure. AIRCOM FlightMessenger connects an aircraft to an airline’s existing network and unlocks cost-saving opportunities.  It processes messages from multiple sources and converts them into a common standardized format for distribution.


AIRCOM® FlightMessenger provides a capable and flexible application to manage communications to and from the aircraft. It enables airlines to get the most benefit from ACARS and other air-ground communications by easily connecting existing systems and providing easy to use applications for end users.

  • Templates - provide a facility to extract specified data elements from any ACARS message. The data can then be stored, or re-transmitted immediately, re-formatted and combined with other data for distribution by message or in other formats.
  • Models - configure how to re-format and distribute the received data. The models describe the data to be used, the formats and layouts of the message and the communications protocols to pass the output to other systems or to the aircraft itself.
  • Standard communications protocols - a number of standard communications protocols are available to support data handling. In addition, data can be sent as a Type B message, e-mail or an SMS.
  • Aircraft situation display - plots the location of the aircraft using a mapping tool based on Google Maps. The display can highlight key data from each flight that can then be selected and configured by the user. Additional layers include flight plans and weather data.
  • Sequencer - allows users to create processes that monitor messages, and then ensure that further expected updates occur within a defined time and. If they don't, an alert is automatically raised.

Malaysia Airlines, Air China, Air Astana, Vistara

Categories and features

Aircraft communications & connectivity

ACARS messages
Aircraft situation display


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