Main Advantages:
+ Improved passenger experience
+ Reduced ground-handling costs
+ Eased burden of regulatory compliance (IATA Resolution 753)

Product description

SITA BagJourney is the only system that builds on SITA’s baggage information message network, BagMessage, and its global coverage, to provide a precise picture of a bag’s current location - no matter how many airlines or airports handle the bag.

The most frustrating part of the passenger journey is collecting baggage at the destination*. This is one reason why 52% of passengers want more baggage status information throughout their journey.

The air transport industry is hearing this loud and clear. This is why 66% of airlines plan to offer baggage notifications by 2017.

BagJourney gives airlines and airports the full picture of a bag’s location, from check-in to arrival, through multiple airports and multiple airlines. By permanently tracking bags, SITA makes it easier to recover and reunite them with their owners more quickly.


IATA Resolution 753 requires member airlines to monitor and log the status of passenger bags through the major stages of their journey. One of the biggest consequences will be that inbound bags need to be more actively tracked and monitored.

SITA BagJourney is integrated with WorldTracer® – the only global tracing and matching service of delayed bags. This integration allows inbound and other bags to be continually tracked, even if they’re mishandled.

BagJourney uses existing baggage information message (BIM) standards defined by IATA to create bag statuses that are delivered over the latest web application programming interfaces (APIs). This means it’s tailored for mobile applications and messages can be easily understood by the end-user.


Categories and features

Baggage management

Baggage tracing
System monitoring tools (bag)
Web-enabled platform

Community messaging

Message management


SITA is the world's leading specialist in air transport communications and IT solutions. We deliver and manage business solutions for airline, airport, GDS, government and other customers over the world's most extensive network, which forms the communications backbone of the global air transport industry.

Created and owned by the air transport community, SITA is the community's dedicated partner for information and communications technology. As a team of industry experts, our know-how is based on working with customers across the global air transport community. Almost every airline and airport in the world does business with SITA.

SITA innovates collaboratively with the air transport industry, and the industry itself drives the company's portfolio and strategic direction. Our portfolio includes:

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  • Services for airline commercial management, passenger operations, flight operations, aircraft operations, air-to-ground communications, airport management and operations, baggage operations, transportation security and border management, cargo operations and more

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