Communications: ARINC/SITA, SMS

Product description

ACS System Enterprise - Key features

  • FAA & EASA approved
  • Airline-oriented thinking – made by airline people
  • Multi-currency & Multi-language
  • User-friendly - most of PC’s screens are similar, web application is very simple and easy to use, iPad application is standardized
  • Saving user time, no complication, easy using - “after three clicks, get a result”
  • One, efficient database - in most cases the system’s needs are less than 10 GB of database (up to 10GB database server is for free)
  • Automatic machines and Artificial Inteligence - for make your company more efficient, no more mistakes, no more wasting time
  • Access rights and security of the data always under your control
  • Easy importing and exporting of data - “your data is your value”
  • Many different reports + those as the customer wish to have
  • The System is open for other systems to integrate
  • Database on-line backups and replication in real time for more safety of your data
  • Main application is PC based
  • Access via web browser Internet and the worldwide web (www)
  • More mobile – the system on iPad or iPhone
  • Over 400 functionalities at your service
  • And other – will discover with you...

GUI - stripes and maps - Graphics User Interface is based on stripes. User needs to have quick information presented via the graphics. The stripes are the standard in aviation.

Interfaces and communication/notification - The System uses mechanisms to exchange the data we call Interfaces. Most of them are working on the basis of well known web-service mechanism.

Access control - Multilevel access control and rights.

Autoplanner math model (AI engaged) - Efficient and fast mathematical model (using elements of artificial intelligence) Autoplanner Engine, makes planning of duties quick and easy, in addition without mistakes. After you build the distribution by the engine you can improve it according to your own preferences.

Life cycle monitoring - Mainly used in CAMO. The LCM Engine controls the life cycle of all the components installed and uninstalled on the plane.

Flight operations - Management of network, flights, rotation of aircraft and crews. The module enables the fastest reaction on threats and irregularities (which can occur during the flights) by using advanced transfer and edition tools.

SCHED - flight network planning - Multi-scenario optimization commercial programs allow the user to choose the most effective scenario for the implementation accordingly to company strategy.

Crew support - This part of the system is useful in the creation of duty plans (rostering), crew control, and crew support. The system involves the automatic planning option which allows for the creation of any roster according to the aviation authority regulations and internal company procedures.

Fleet management - This module supports aircraft fleet activity. The system gives the user efficiency and cost analysis tools of the new aircraft and because of this, the system can analyze any leaks or the excess of them in the fleet.

Fuel management - The system supports all the actions that are taken by the department responsible for fuel tankering. Fuel price lists and fuel pricing quotations with the airports at which the airline is operating are collected and stored in a database.

Ground handling - The biggest issue of every airline is cost control especially connected with the operations. The Ground Handling Department is an area of the airline in which the highest cost related to proper and safe flight operations execution are generated (for example, GPU, Fire Bridge, passenger services, de-icing, etc. and sometimes Handling Dept is responsible for fuel cost control). In our system, we concentrate all efforts to enable effective cost control and give customized tools helpful in decreasing costs.

SMS Safety management system & Quality - The system supports Quality and Safety department activities by organizing audits preparation and procedures in separated areas of airline activity. The alerting and reporting option in this module supports discrepancy removal. The system clearly presents the current condition of the organization in any optional moment.


CBT/WBT - The System leads the certificates base and specialized training for employees. The application keeps and monitors all important terms of validity required by aviation authorities. WBT/CBT (WEB/COMPUTER BASE TRAINING) is the most important center of the trainings and can be used on all platforms.

Management of any documents - The database of the system stores any scanned documents of the company like state certificates, documentation, and other documents. The system supports the creation of document patterns used in the organization. The user can have access to all documents on a multi-platform (PC, web browser, iPhone, and iPad). The system maintains the numbering of incoming and outgoing documents and keeps all versions of the documents on all platforms.

Cost savings - The main role of the financial module is company cost optimization. The system enables document flow, cost verification according to company agreements and cost approval.

System administration - The panel is responsible for assigning access rights to modules, functions, and interfaces and datas that are included in the system administration module. Access rights are assigned due to the organizational structure of an airline.


Categories and features

Crew management

Bidding system (roster, training, off, vacation)
Crew assignment
Crew control and tracking
Crew duty roster
Crew notification
Crew notification
Crew qualifications
Crew roster optimization engine
Duty regulations
Statistics and reports (crew management)

Document management

Company library facility
Crew reports library

ETS/CO2 reports

CO2 emmision report (ICAO and EU compliant)

Finance and accounting

Contract management

Fleet management

Fleet assigning

Flight operations control

Aircraft position (real-time)
Aircraft rotations
Automatic OPS messaging (MVT, LDM...)
Crew connections
Flight following and monitoring
Flight status

Fuel management

Airline fuel performance
Fuel price management
Fuel tendering management
Statistics and reports (fuel)

Ground operations

Billing and invoice management (ground ops)

Inflight & catering

Loading instructions
Statistics and reports (inflight services)


Aircraft configuration (maintenance)

Planning & scheduling

Connections builder
Flight costs assigning
Flight scheduling
IATA SSIM compliant
Report generator (planning and scheduling)
Scenario analysis and management

Reservations & Distribution

Availability and booking

Safety management

Audit checklists management
Audit plan
Auditors assignment
Risk management

Airline Control Software

Airline Control Software, LTD (ACS) is a software producer, specialized in aviation sector only. Company employs aviation and IT specialists (project managers, developers and programmers, implementers, testers, consultants and help desk staff). Company is based in Poland / Europe. ACS Headquarter is localized in Warsaw, Capital city of Poland. Country of origin of all ACS products is Poland.

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