AMDB - Airport Mapping Data Base

Product description

TerraVision is RTCA/DO-200A TYPE 1 LOA approved supplier for navigation data.

TerraVision world AMDB complies with ARINC-816 and DO-272 standards, ensures the airlines of using TerraVision AMDB aboard Airport Moving Map installed on all classes EFB as well as on the integrated avionics, enables the airline to utilize single set of airports database across the fleet.

TerraVision AMDB Meet the specified standards parameters with more accurate than the “Medium Level” requirements, using TerraVision proprietary tools and well established production process and specially developed QA tools and methods. Use of 32 bit CRC checks on the data “after it has been stored or in transit”, assuring Probability of undetected error of 2.33X10-10.

The whole production process from the raw material to the final product, including the periodic revisions and updates is performed in-house at TerraVision in order to assure data integrity and compliance to standards.

TerraVision AMDB is SITA/PKI certified.


Categories and features

EFB software

Airport moving map


TerraVision Flight Deck Applications Ltd. Is a privately owned company specialized in development software solutions and world airports mapping services to the world aviation industry.

TerraVision is focused on flight deck applications to provide professional software development and support services to the world advanced airlines, with enhanced solutions software applications for Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) and Airport Databases.

TerraVision has a unique combination of employees consists of qualified and experienced avionic software programmers, system engineers and GIS experts together with active senior airline pilots. This combination of TerraVision employees assures that the “user perspective” of operational requirements, is analyzed and implemented within TerraVision products.

TerraVision is ISO9001:2000 certified.

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