Operating System: Windows
Communications: Internet, ARINC/SITA, TYPE A, TYPE B, EDIFACT

Product description

Whether you are a startup airline choosing an initial system or an existing airline choosing to replace outdated systems, the ameliaCARGO Airline Cargo Management System is designed to meet your requirements and help you become a market leader.

Main Features:

Complete Workflow Tracking
-Waybill creation
-Warehouse storage location and inventory control
-Load-list and manifest generation
-Receive and deliver consignments to final location
-Lost and Found Cargo Handling
-Mobile app for warehouse and loading

Management Beyond Standard AWB
-Mail and courier management
-Unit Load Device control
-Transhipments and Interline cargo

-Customs clearing
-Customizable queue for warnings and key performance indicators
-Security screening
-Dangerous Goods Handling

Flexible Cargo Rates
-Client specific contracted rates
-Private rates
-Fully customizable rates
-Commodity charges

Web Portal
-AWB creation
-AWB tracking

Full Accounting Interface
-Revenue Reporting
-Operation and KPI Reporting
-Client invoicing
-Credit management
-Daily financial reporting
-Much more...


Air Labrador, Grant Aviation, Pacific Coastal Airlines

Categories and features

Freight/Cargo management

Alerts and notifications (cargo)
Automated booking information (cargo)
AWB control and charges
Billing and invoice management (cargo)
Dangerous goods handling
Debit/credit limitation
Flight schedule and availability control (cargo)
Flights management and revenue profile
Interline payable management
Inventory control with multiple locations
Rates/special rates management
Shipment data
Statistics and reports (cargo)
Tracking and tracing functions
ULD control


Since 1987, InteliSys’ airline software and amelia product suite has focused on providing leading edge IT solutions to airlines of all sizes and business models including Low Cost, Regional and Hybrid Carriers as well as Corporate Flight operations.

At InteliSys, we have built our reputation as a reliable technology partner for our clients while boosting profitability for airlines. Our amelia suite of products are agile & low cost, dependable, accountable, dynamic and lightweight.

We provide 24/7 support worldwide, and pride ourselves on our ability to react quickly to our client’s changing requirements. InteliSys’ solutions have proven scalability and we have configured our software so that we can easily “grow” with our client's changing requirements, adapting quickly to changing capacities and market conditions.

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