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Operating System: Web-based

Product description


Paxport´s Business Intelligence Centre offers multi-level services offering insights into the performance of used Paxport services as well as bench-marking these figures to competitors in the market.

Paxfeedback is the best way to keep track of sales transactions made in paxshop or paxshop+ web shops set up for ancillary sales. The service provides a direct and detailed feedback on your sales, for manual handling or to be imported into a business system for statistics processing and more.

Paxdash is a modern way for an airline to consume and analyse key performance indicators (KPI). It gives you an overview of your current and historical statistical records, which can be used to optimise sales and increase passenger experience.


Categories and features

Market intelligence

Comparing competitors

Reservations & Distribution

Ancillary sales monitoring
Sales summaries and reports

Reporting tools


Paxport enables tomorrow´s airlines, tour operators and OTAs to:

  • differentiate their brands and enhance their customer´s travel experience
  • create new ancillary revenue streams – through new services and by leveraging your existing ones
  • streamline operations and cut costs
  • launch new services rapidly and flexibly
  • leverage through multiple sales channels

As your ancillary services partner, we enable an efficient ancillary sales process – from defining, marketing and delivering your services to measuring and optimizing their performance.

This becomes possible through our cloud-based, automated services, our outsourced and managed services and our network of 300+ tour operators, 30 airlines, 600 active stations, 15 DCSs as well as our affiliate network of prepack and duty-free suppliers.

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