MARGO Cargo Revenue Accounting

Operating System: MARGO CRA can be implemented on premises (IN House) or used as a service (ASP solution)
Communications: Cargo IMP Message Integration (FFM/FWB)
Interfacing: Both internal and 3rd party systems

Product description

MARGO CRA is an efficient end-to-end Cargo Revenue accounting solution.

MARGO CRA Cargo Revenue Accounting Software grants an airline automated; accurate and fast flows of information on its cargo operations, from initial sales to financial reporting. Airline’s raw data is transformed into strategic financial information to enhance decision making process and help you identify and monitor performance of your cargo activity.

Hosting solutions
MARGO CRA can be implemented on premises (IN House) or used as a service (ASP solution).
MAUREVA also provides Cargo Revenue Accounting Services (outsourcing solution) with the use of MARGO CRA.



  • Cargo IMP Message Integration (FFM/FWB)
  • Interfaces with both Internal & Third party systems


  • AWB Stock Management & Control (maintains AWB stock and monitors usage and current AWB stock levels)
  • Other Charges & Rates Management  (Tact, Ad-hoc, class & special rates)
  • Batch Auditing of Rates and Commissions
  • Automatic Proration
  • Batch Processing of AWB (Automated assignment of charges & proration)
  • Sales vs. Uses matching and accounting of revenue adjustments
  • Processing and accounting of Agent Debit/Credit Memos
  • Accounting of Sales Return
  • CCA Processing
  • Sales Report matching and Locking of AWBs
  • Trucking sector provision
  • Full History of AWB Sales and Billing cycle
  • CASS Billing
  • Corporate Customer Billing


  • Flight Manifest Capture and Control
  • Management of part-shipments
  • Determination of Revenue and Billing to Consignees/Airlines 
  • Agent Billing based on flown documents
  • GSA overriding commissions


  • SIS Compliant
  • Integrated and Stand-Alone Interline Proration Engine (MPA-C, SPA, Provisos)
  • Automated Inward Billing process
  • Outward Billing PP/CC (Prime, Rejection, Billing & Credit Memo, Correspondence)
  • Inward and Outward Time Limit Checks and Extensions


  • Special Rate agreements with General postal Authorities
  • Standard Universal Postal Union (UPU) rates.
  • Processing of Mail Dispatch and Billing
  • Mail Rejections
  • Interface to Maureva MISC Module for interline billing (Mail Category)


  • Customizable GL interface: Every Transaction processed in Margo CRA is posted in the GL Interface.  Output is done in batch with complete audit trail files at Airwaybill level
  • Statistical Reports (sales, uplift, mail, etc)


  • Quality Control Agent  Email Alerts
  • Unreported Sales Control
  • Non uplifted Airwaybills Control
  • Audit Mode
  • Customizable batch for quality control
  • GSA overriding commissions

Availalble Options:
MARGO AWB (AWB Issuance)
MARGO BOOKING (cargo booking)


Categories and features

Freight/Cargo management

AWB control and charges
Billing and invoice management (cargo)
CCA processing
Debit/credit limitation
Full AWB data capture
Rates/special rates management
Statistics and reports (cargo)

Finance and accounting


Maureva Ltd is one of the world’s leading providers of Airlines Revenue Accounting Solutions. Headquartered in Mauritius Island (Indian Ocean) and subsidiary of a French company, Cirrus Informatique SARL, we provide innovative business technology solutions to the airline Industry since 1997.

We serve more than 35 airlines and support them to improve their Financial Processes and make strategic decisions based on the comprehensive insight analytics and reporting generated by our solutions.

As an IATA strategic partner, we deliver world-class solutions in Revenue Accounting, Sales Audit, Cargo Systems, Miscellaneous Billings and Flight Planning / Crew Scheduling.

Our extensive business experience and understanding of airlines’ specificity is combined with information technology expertize that enables us to provide airlines with tailored made solutions.

Our people’s accessibility, responsiveness, empathy and integrity makes our approach unique and customer centric.

We give you the attention you deserve, for the long haul.

Thank you for your request.

We will contact you as soon as possible.

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