Amadeus Fares & Pricing Engine

Main Advantages:
+ Power all your sales channels with the most accurate and comprehensive fares and pricing system, especially in international markets
+ Manage your fares more efficiently
+ Eliminate fares and pricing errors
+ Most comprehensive fare database, with best in class accuracy and 24 months of history
+ Ensure accurate pricing with sub-second response time, best in class for international itineraries where currency and tax processing can be complex
+ Take advantage of the Amadeus expertise for migration and fare support.
+ Fully integrated into Altéa Reservation

Product description

Amadeus Fares & Pricing Engine is a powerful search and calculation tool, which processes enormous volumes of fares instantly and returns accurate pricing in real time - even for complex international itineraries.

It handles all types of fares (both public and private) and all updated with the highest level of frequency possible. The Amadeus Fares Database holds over 140 million active fares and 150 million historical fares.

Using the latest processing technology and unique proprietary algorithms, Amadeus Fares & Pricing Engine offers an unmatched level of reliability for the 30 million fare transactions it performs each day.

This guarantees unrivalled accuracy of fares, as verified continuously by an independent survey conducted on travel agencies from all parts of the world.

Amadeus Fares & Pricing Engine is currently used by more than 150 airlines, 70,000 travel agencies and 200 markets globally.

It is the best solution on the market for providing all the pricing capabilities you need.

Amadeus Fares & Pricing Engine is included in Altéa Reservation.


Main Amadeus Fares & Pricing Engine features

Automated upload of all available fares
  • ATPCO or SITA public, private and negotiated fares automatically updated as frequently as possible
  • Private fares entered directly into the Amadeus system in real time
  • Automatically upload private fares managed in an in-house database or filed through third parties, such as HitchHiker or Ypsilon
  • Capability to perform emergency fare update to correct filing errors
Powerful relational database
  • Store all active fares with all associated data, such as rules, taxes, currencies and mileage
  • Store historical fares for up to 24 months
  • Highly secure and reliable
Fast, accurate and comprehensive pricing
  • Itinerary pricing (up to 16 segments, 99 passengers)
  • Informative pricing
  • Best in class response time, processing over 900 transactions per second at peak times
  • All types of fares, including the most complex (fare by rule, round the world, expanded parameters)
  • Process all sources of fares in a single entry
  • Unique algorithms, ensuring most accurate results
Display and parameters
  • Comprehensive and clearly structured fare displays
  • Market specific and carrier specific processes
Information transactions
  • Immediate access to useful information, such as fare rules and notes, tax breakdown, currency, mileage, baggage allowance, routings, etc
Advanced fare search
  • Provides up to 20 lowest available fares for a given itinerary (Amadeus Value Pricer)
  • Provides the lowest fare available for an existing booking with the option to re-book (Amadeus Best Pricer)


Main Amadeus Fares & Pricing Engine options

Amadeus Fares & Pricing Engine offers unique options to further optimise your management of fares and pricing.

Amadeus Value Pricer
  • Provides up to 20 lowest available fares for a given itinerary

Amadeus FareXpert filing platform
  • Web-based graphical user interface. to enter and file private fares into the Amadeus system directly and in real time

Amadeus XML fare data interface
  • Automated synchronisation of private fares managed in-house on a local database or filed through a third party application


User interface

Amadeus Fares & Pricing Engine can be integrated into your existing front office solution.

For Altéa Reservation airlines, Amadeus Fares & Pricing Engine is fully integrated with the reservation interface in cryptic and graphical model when available.

Fully integrated into Altéa Reservation DesktopFully integrated into Altéa	Reservation Desktopk





Business impact

With Amadeus Fares & Pricing, you can protect your revenue and improve productivity when it comes to managing fares.

  • Enhanced revenue

    Accurate fares and pricing ensures that all revenue is correctly collected, especially on international itineraries

    Increased sales through the use of Amadeus Best Pricer and Value Pricer

  • Reduced cost

    Reduce the costs of auditing fares

  • Increased productivity

    Efficient access to fare information or historical fares. Automated uploading of fares

    Increased efficiency through the use of Amadeus Best Pricer and Value Pricer


Who can use it?

Amadeus Fares & Pricing Engine can be used by any airline that expects a robust and reliable fares and pricing process, especially in the international market..

It is currently used by over 150 airlines of all sizes and in all regions of the world.

Airlines using Altéa Reservation will automatically benefit from Amadeus Fares & Pricing Engine.



Amadeus has extensive experience of successfully migrating airlines' critical fares and pricing systems, which requires careful planning, project management and training.

The migration can be undertaken independently or as part of the implementation of Altéa Reservation.

Amadeus will work with you to define the most secure migration strategy and the most appropriate integration mode for each channel, either via EDIFACT or Amadeus API.


Categories and features

Fares management & pricing

ATPCO and SITA fares
Fare and rules management
Fares and passenger types
Historic data up to 24 months
Public, private and negotiated fares
Tax refund processing


Amadeus provides the technology which keeps the travel sector moving - from initial search to making a booking, from pricing to ticketing, from managing reservations to managing check-in and departure processes. Our ambition is to facilitate the entire travel journey from door-to-door, in the process improving the travel experience for hundreds of millions of people every year. We do this by joining up and connecting key players in the travel industry: travel agencies, corporations, airlines, airports, hotels, railways and more. We give those companies the tools to serve travelers better and to manage their own business more effectively. Amadeus is at the heart global travel industry. Our people, our technology and our innovation are dedicated to working with our customers and partners to shape the future of travel.

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