Altéa Airline Service Fees

Main Advantages:
- Maximise fee revenues and ensure 100% collection of fees
- Apply fees across all channels, including travel agents
- Increase the productivity of your sales staff
- Manage fees transparently and consistently
- Best-in-class pricing accuracy

Product description

Altéa Airline Service Fees offers an automated solution to distribute and collect ticketing and credit card fees, in full compliance with industry standards.

Airlines using Altéa Airline Service Fees benefit from embedding the processing of ticketing fees in their normal sales workflows, ensuring reliable and consistent collection of fees in the most efficient manner possible.

Main Altéa Airline Service Fees features

Fee definition
  • Automated collection of ticketing, credit card and miscellaneous fees (OB fees)
  • Supports multiple fees
  • Fees filed via ATPCO 5 times per day
Automated pricing
  • Fees automatically included in PNR pricing and fare searches
  • All fees clearly itemised
Automated storage
  • Automatic storage of fees in the pricing record
  • New entries to view and override fees
  • Integrity checks performed at time of ticketing
Automated printing
  • Fees printed on the itinerary receipt
Automated reporting
  • Fees reported with the ticket data via RET-HOT
Standards Compliant
  • Altéa Airline Service Fees is fully compliant with all applicable industry standards


Business impact

With Altéa Airline Service Fees, you can easily and reliably manage the collection of your ticketing fees, deliver improved customer service and increase your business flexibility.

  • Increased revenue

    Automated and consistent enforcement of ticketing fees through all sales channels
    Very flexible solution enabling rapid implementation of revised fee policies
    Integration with revenue accounting ensuring accurate fee collection tracking

  • Higher productivity

    Eliminate time spent by sales agents to deal with manual or semi-automated processes

  • Customer satisfaction

    Customers able to see total price including fees, with breakdown, at any stage of the sales process
    Complete transparency of ticketing fees
    Sales agents freed to focus on customer service


Who can use it?

Altéa Airline Service Fees can be used for the direct sales channels of any airline which uses Altéa Reservation. Airlines using Altéa Reservation Desktop will also benefit from perfect integration in their sales processes.

Subject to industry developments, Amadeus has extended the usage of this product through multiple channels for any airline.



Amadeus has considerable experience in the implementation of ticketing platforms and associated functionality. We will work with you to determine the best method of managing a quick and risk-free implementation.


Categories and features

Reservations & Distribution

Airline service fees


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