Main Advantages:
+ Centralization of the information on a small number of screens on a user-friendly Web interface
+ Comparison between data from the Operations (MIS, ERP or others) and Referential data (Illustrated Parts Catalogue, ...) so as to simulate one or multiple target configurations
+ Gathering of data available at all levels in any database management system

Product description

Aero-Webb® is a web software suite which will help your company to enhance your current Information System. Aero-Webb® is available in English and French.

Aero-Webb® can help you to succeed in several challenges:

  • Find an Aviation software package off-the-shelf or build your own package with Airbus Cimpa
    • Continuous Airworthiness Management
    • Streamline your Repair Shop Process
    • Data Cleansing and Loading
  • Complete and enhance your SAP® system
    • SAP® ERP Connectors
    • Technical Data Management & In-Service Configuration Management
    • Fleet Management & Configuration Control
    • Maintenance Forecasting and Optimizing
    • Aircraft Maintenance
    • Inspection & Sentencing
    • Mobile Devices
  • Complete and enhance your current Information System
    • Master Data Management
    • Fleet Management
    • Maintenance Forecasting and Optimizing
    • Aircraft Maintenance
    • Inspection & Sentencing
    • Material management
    • Human Resources
    • Mobile Devices



Categories and features

Document management

Technical documentation management

Flight operations control

Aircraft rotations
Flight status


Airworthiness directive
Maintenance control
Maintenance planning
Maintenance program
Mobile processes (maintenance)
Service bulletins
Statistics and reports (maintenance)
Technical inventory management
Technical staff planning
Tools and test equipment
Work time tracking/progress

Planning & scheduling

Flight scheduling

Fleet management


2MoRO Solutions is an innovative company dedicated to software development for the Aerospace market. We also have been playing a significant part in hosting European Research & Development programs aimed specifically at pioneering new technologies and standards for the Aerospace Industry.

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