The EDIfly Suite

Operating System: OS Windows, Linux, Solaris, etc.
Communications: Internet, Type B, Type X, SITA, ARINC, ACARS Manager, AFTN-Gateway, API, EDIFACT, XML etc.
Interfacing: Processing all messages described by IATA AirIMP and CargoIMP for Passenger, Flight Ops, Cargo, Maintenance, Gov't

Main Advantages:
+ Fully backwards compatible to legacy environment
+ Lean on infrastructure, can replace existing SITA or ARINC gateways.
+ Up to 1100 messages per second
+ Free exchanges between EDIfly users
+ Cost savings of up to 75% have been achieved

Product description

EDIfly is the signature tool of Innovative Software SARL from Luxembourg for integrated messaging in Aviation and Logistics independent from legacy networks. Since 2011 this high-performance message broker allows airlines, ground handlers, global distribution systems, travel-portals, road-feeder-services, authorities, etc. to securely exchange operational messages over the internet. EDIfly users achieve banking-like data security and superior rule-based message handling and control. Fully backwards compatible with existing IATA standards.

Supports Type B, Type X, XML, EDIFACT and AS4. No need to change applications or addresses. Worldwide user community. Ask for your free and unconditional trial today to save up to 75% of your messaging cost and gain complete control over each and every exchange!

Basic message handling, encryption and connectivity. This is the mininum requirement to particpate in the EDIfly community.

75 % savings in 1.5 years.

Integrate message handling in your companies processes, create unified messaging of Type B via your e-mail client, route to print services etc.

Use our Java-based application to create plug-ins that customize in-coming and out-going messages to particular formatting needs you or your communications partner may have.

With our partner Lufthansa Systems we extend your reach beyond the free EDIfly Basic Exchanges to further improve your ROI. The innovative Box/MesWeb applications allows small companies to share one box with 50 users in flexible browser environment.

Supported Connections: Simple File Exchange, FTP, SOAP, Web service, HTTP REST, SMTP/POP3, MQ Series, JMS, MATIP/BATAP, SOCKET, JDBC, JBoss.
Supported formats: Type B, Type X, SDK, PIMA-Addressing, EDIFACT, Type B:XML, CARGO-XML, AS4



Alitalia, Cargolux, Garuda Indonesia, Lion Air, Silk Air West, TAP

Categories and features

Community messaging

Messaging gateway
Type B messages

Innovative Software SARL

EDIfly provides a sleek and uncomplicated platform to bring Messaging 2.0 to your process communication: In aviation, rail, logistics etc. A fully backwards-compatible environment enables you to gradually cut-over processes avoiding ‚big-bang’ scenarios, where you would change all your services to one new supplier in ‚one logical second’.

To create a significant community we enable your company to have a free trial.

EDIfly serves as bridge technology from Type B to Type X, XML and EDIFACT.

The company was founded in 2010 in Luxembourg.

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