Comply365- EFB Document Manager

Operating System: iOS, Android & Windows
Communications: Wifi, 3G, 4G
Interfacing: Easy data and systems integration: HR, Crew Management, Scheduling, Inventory, Payroll

Main Advantages:
+ Full suite enterprise solutions with native companion apps for iOS, Windows and Android
+ Controlled distribution of airline operational information and content
+ Unique log-ins for Pilots, Flight Ops, Cabin Crew, Maintenance, Vendors and Regulators
+ Real time dashboards ensure everyone has received, read and complied to all new documents
+ Device and file agnostic
+ Elimination of paper and shipping costs for producing flight manuals and revisions
+ Saves fuel, which saves money and is environmentally friendly

Product description

Document Communication Manager - is an easy-to-use content distribution platform that allows you to store, send, and track manuals, policies, procedures or any content, as well as provide a central portal for company notifications. It is a single place users to get up-to-date information; anywhere, anytime, on any device.

  • Instant access to the most up-to-date documents and communications
  • Role-based access ensures users see only the content relevant to them
  • User confirmation tracks compliance or action on content
  • Proactive alerts notify users of updates
  • Daily summary reports sent to users as well as managers
  • Key features include automatic revision control, full-text search, favorites
  • Real-time dashboard reporting provides line of sight on publication compliance across company, as well as drill-down reports down to individual user

Forms365 – Comply365 turns your paper forms into smart forms that are created in HTML. Forms365 links with the enterprise solution; meaning the data entered drives real time reporting and gives you the insight to make smarter decisions. With automatic links to other data bases, Forms365 streamlines workflow, delivers better analytics, improves speed and consistency. Best of all, Forms365 gives you the ultimate in convenience and flexibility to stay mobile and be productive anywhere, on any device.

  • Complete in/out of connectivity – automatically syncs with enterprise solution when in connectivity
  • Use form content to trigger workflows and action – automatic routing to supervisors, other departments or even external users
  • Distribute forms to a group, subgroup or individual user
  • Forms –customize forms to make it easy for users – radial buttons, drag and drop, color codes and other great features
  • Prefill functionality with integration
  • Signature functionality from mobile device
  • Flexible reporting – mine your data with exports; combine report data and capture content for fresh insights

Content365 – Is an easy-to-use content creation solution that lets you author and edit content in XML or HTML. You can create or edit manuals or documents and instantly distribute your content anywhere, on any device. With Content365 you save time with a single solution to create, edit and deliver content.

  • Features include quick side-by-side comparisons of changes
  • Highlighting and annotation
  • Saves bookmarks
  • Active content within document – like calculators, links to videos, etc.
  • Automatic revision control during authoring
  • Allows change creation, editing and comparisons within a document by section (vs. whole document)

Standards365 – Upload regulatory requirements and standards from your regulatory agencies (such as FAA, OSHA , DOT, etc.) and link them to your documents. Standards365 helps you stay consistent with regulations, policies and procedures across the entire airline.

  • Quickly compare content to a database, checklist, or standards and instantly view other affected content across the organization for quick visibility and action
  • Standards365 flags affected documents and content for follow up action
  • Automatic alerts are sent to content subject matter experts or content owners
  • View or print reports in an instant, showing selected content and the relevant ties to a standard content database, checklist or other "internal standard"
  • Compare to federal or third party databases for comparisons to federal standards – like OSHA or industry specific standards such as ATOS or IOSA
  • Create your own "standards" to benchmark future content
  • See potential conflicts and implications to other content as you propose changes or updates

Workflow365 – automate projects and processes quickly and easily; keep everyone on task, in the loop and on time. Workflow365 is a flexible tool that automatically routes documents, forms or tasks throughout the company for approvals and specific actions. It automatically reminds individuals of due dates and deadlines. Features include:

  • Collaborate with co-workers
  • Routing of approvals with multiple e-signatures
  • Copy from previously created workflow templates for quick workflow creation
  • Assign roles, tasks, dates
  • Automatically notifies users when task is due
  • Project Dependent which allows you to make the completion of a task depend on the completion of another project
  • Concurrent tasks, so multiple tasks can be performed at the same time within a certain project
  • Collaboration of multiple users within a given project
  • Provides comment history throughout workflow
  • Dashboard reports provide view to project and task completion status

myMobile365 - Stay in-the-know and on-the-go with smartphones and tablets. With myMobile365™ airlines have native companion apps that gives pilots, flight ops, cabin crew, maintenance, vendors and regulators access to all documents, manuals, complete forms, training and tasks, all in one app.

  • Native, mobile companion apps for iOS, Android and Windows devices
  • Citrix Worx Verified
  • Links to enterprise solution
  • One stop app - load all your apps in one centralized portal – Comply365 apps and your favorite third party apps
  • Remote content management – remote wiping, locking of Comply365 software from the device
  • Mobile device management functionality – deploy app, push updates, track devices, lock, wipe all content on the device

Training Suite – leverage enterprise knowledge and learning with an easy-to-use training platform. Create and edit courses, track training, provide reporting and simplifies training scheduling.

LMS Learning Manager – One stop training portal; keeps your entire airline up-to-speed and in compliant. Create, distribute, and track training for employees, contractors and vendors; Administrators can load any file type to create a course then distribute the course to a group or individual (s). Line of sight reporting tracks results by user.

  • Role-based training
  • Any file type or size
  • Supports SCORM packages
  • Permits bulk upload of questions
  • Randomize tests
  • Create course feedback surveys
  • Create course rosters
  • Certificate of completion
  • Reports include: Master Training Report, Training Statistics and other reports available
  • Drill down reports to user level

Schedule365 – Is a flexible and easy to use tool that simplifies scheduling logistics. Corporate can use Schedule365 to schedule training events, employees, instructors, and classrooms, as well as, other resources.

  • Drag and drop functionality to schedule events
  • Quickly see gap analysis
  • Assignments based on qualifications
  • See employees coming due for training and then match their training schedule with the appropriate and available trainer and training facility
  • Adjust and move events, trainers, time slots, and students with a point, click and drag
  • Link and sync to qualification and flight scheduling programs for even greater savings
  • Run “what if” scenarios for expedited and smarter resource planning
  • Color codes for faster decision making and alerts

AQP and IQP Learning Manager – Live Scenario Evaluation designed for the airlines to evaluate performance relative to a documented set of tasks or procedures in live-scenarios, such as in the field or on-the-job performance.

  • Submit FAA Extracts in minutes
  • Access AQP/IQP training anytime, anywhere, on any device
  • One system to log into
  • Grade individuals or groups of flight attendants simultaneously
  • See performance trends with real-time and automatic rollups of evaluation data for instructors, students reason codes with free text explanations
  • Customize objectives (TPO, SPO, EO), lookup fields, tasks, scenarios, modules, and lessons to fit your airline
  • Each airline can customize their AQP/IQP program
  • Bulk load new or existing training tasks – get up and running quickly
  • Management reporting - for continuous training improvement
  • Grade on tablets, with Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G
  • Fast, easy-to-read dashboard reporting that lets you drill down for specifics – down to the student and/or evaluation level
  • Perfect for SIM, line checks, live-grading venues
  • Link and sync AQP/IQP training data to operational systems – such as crew scheduling and crew qualifications
  • Works seamlessly with DCM™ and LMS™, to give evaluators one system to access all their training and materials
  • Compare evaluators and see potential training or evaluator gaps
  • Allows and tracks reason codes and comments

Integration Suite– Comply365 solutions can stand-alone or work in harmony with each other to maximize your productivity and training. In addition, our solutions can link and sync with existing back-end or customer-facing databases and solutions to leverage existing investments and data, extend legacy systems, and provide authentication. Data can flow seamlessly, to offer exceptional efficiencies, eliminate rekeying, automate workflows and provide powerful reporting.


Categories and features

Crew management

Training management

Document management

Company communication
Company library facility
Compliance tracking (EASA, IOSA, FAA, CAA)
Content editing in XML or HTML
Content management
Crew reports library
Data and file management
Dependencies between documents
Device management
Employee records and reports
Flight operations documentation management
Hosted on-line solution
Revision and distribution management

EFB software


Founded in 2007,Comply365 is a privately held software company headquartered in Beloit, Wisconsin. Comply365 is an innovative software company that helps airlines reduce costs, improve efficiencies and accelerate productivity with an easy-to-use content distribution platform that makes it easy for companies to create, edit, access and act on any content; including documents, communications, forms, and training. With native mobile apps for iOS, Windows and Android, a full suite of products and next-in-class reporting features, airlines can make faster, smarter decisions, anytime, anywhere, on any device.

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