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Product description simplifies an otherwise lengthy and complex research task - to find and calculate turnaround costs at almost any airport in the world.

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Charge Summaries

Full charge summaries with every element of the published airport charges by date, name and calculation.
View current and historic charge summaries by changing the target date or download original documents.

Turnaround Cost Calculations

Run detailed turnaround cost estimates for any airport, and any airline-aircraft combination.
See total charges by item or per charge group and the calculations that led to them. Apply inflation and discounts to create future cost scenarios or replicate current invoices.

Cost Comparisons

Compare the cost of multiple turnaround cost calculations side-by-side. Grid view provides a quick assessment of the numbers, whilst graphical view allows for relative totals to be compared.

Airport Location Maps

View nearby airports and their distance, or see where all airports in a country are located.

Favourite Airports

Add your most important airports to your personalised favourites list. Stay knowledgeable on changes to the charging structure with email updates.

Fuel is loaded with fuel data derived from AML Global. Find out the main fuel supplier at each airport, and compare changes to individual airport costs over time.


Stay updated on major airport charges events.
"Global News" stories keep you informed of media coverage; "Data Updates" keep you informed on changes to the charges database by our data team.


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Ground operations

Airport fees

Market intelligence

RDC Aviation is the largest source of airport charges in the world, and one of a range of software and advisory services from RDC Aviation.

Over the years we have emerged as the leader in global airport tariff data. Quickly becoming the largest database of charges and official documents, we've now entered a new era which ensures unrivalled breadth and accuracy of data, along with a unique user experience.

The 2013 system is a complete rework from the ground up: No one piece of the original system remains the same except the documents which power it. The new sees all charge calculations databased in a way like never before, allowing for the most accurate turnaround cost calculations possible for any airport and airline-aircraft combination.

With a global customer base of nearly 100 customers in 36 countries across all major continents, we serve a vast range of industries including airlines, airports, business jets, consultancies, and educational institutes. We're confident we can serve you too.

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