3A (Automated Aircraft Availability system)

Operating System: Web-based
Communications: SMS

Main Advantages:
+ Publish their flight schedule and announce spare aircraft capacity
+ Streamlined and automated ad-hoc charter sales
+ Aircraft availability viewed in real time
+ More charter requests are handled
+ Avoid missed business opportunities
+ Optimum aircraft utilization
+ Maximised revenue - More cost effective process
+ Improved staff utilization though a more effective process
+ Standardised communication methods
+ Automatic feed of availability data to 3A.
+ Message processing - updates automatically with (MVT, ADM, RAD, ASM, SSM)
+ Notifications via SMS
+ Flexible capacity rules set by the airline to filter out non feasible charter requests.

+ Quickly and easy search functionality to find suitable aircraft availability
+ Easy to locate available charters where you need them
+ Aircraft availability viewed in real time
+ Better and cheaper ad-hoc charters booked
+ More cost effective process
+ Improved staff utilization though a more effective process
+ More requests handled with significantly less effort
+ Speeds up the process of locating a suitable charter
+ Avoid missed business opportunities
+ Standardised communication methods

Product description

3A (Automated Aircraft Availability system) is an internet service for the ad-hoc sub-charter market that links airlines, aircraft charterers, brokers and tour operators together, by offering all parties a well-organized marketplace in which to operate. Airlines can publish aircraft availability in real time; aircraft brokers and tour operators can quickly and easily use 3A to determine the aircraft on offer and contact the airline to set up a sub-charter.

With 3A, airlines can utilize their over capacity in various market segments, and thus maximize their revenue. Brokers and tour operators can be confident that they have made the best choice, by sub-chartering an aircraft with the right seating capacity, and at the closest geographical location to meet their requirements. Both parties are able to deal in the sub-charter marketplace much faster, and save a lot of time.



There is an ever increasing demand by operators in the marketplace to optimize utilization of over-capacity through ad-hoc sales. Historically, however, the needs of the ad-hoc sub-charter market have either not been met, or has been poorly served where the sub-charter process has been mostly handled manually by phoning around to contacts and sending/receiving emails. Of course, this was a very time consuming process and there was no way to be sure that the best deal possible was made.

At Aviolinx we realised that to be efficient, successful and profitable in the sub charter market, requires a fully automated, real time solution that links operators (airlines) and businesses such as tour operators and aircraft brokers in a coordinated way. That is why we developed 3A (Automated Aircraft Availability).


Categories and features

Aircraft availability & brokering

Aircraft availability system
Automated ad-hoc charter sales
Automatic availability feed
Flexible rules set by airline
Real-time availability processing
SMS notification

Flight operations control

Automatic OPS messaging (MVT, LDM...)

Planning & scheduling


Our Head Office is situated in Stockholm, Sweden and we also have offices in Malmö Sweden, and UK, (as well as representation in various other countries). We started out providing communication services on HF radio to the aviation community in 1968. Since then, our company has grown into a full service aviation communication provider.

Our primary focus is to make a difference in delivering real time data to a wide variety of areas within the airline industry. With dynamic solutions using cutting edge technology to integrate seamlessly with existing systems, we aim to assist airlines and airport facilities to substantially reduce operating costs and increase efficiency.

Our products and services include: HF Radio, Type B messaging Satellite Communication as well as a comprehensive suite of revolutionary airline system software and services that handles all your business and operational requirements, putting you in complete control of your business.

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