Operating System: Desktop/web/mobile application

Product description

RAIDO is the Airline Management System that will put you in complete control of all strategic, financial and operational business processes, through all stages of your airline operations.

Built on a financial foundation, using a flexible user definable rule engine that considers all types of calculations, RAIDO’s dynamic and tailored business logic constantly analyses and evaluates your business processes unique to your airline. Its ‘event’ driven functionality displays system alerts and task lists which are directed to specific user groups.

You will minimize costs, improve revenue and profitability, and have better control over operational change-management and productivity; giving you the edge over your competitors at all stages of airline decision management.

RAIDO will cover all aspects of airline management using one fully integrated platform/database. The functional layout and information available is driven by user log-in credentials. So whether you are a business controller, a commercial planner, a crew planner or an operations manager, you can be sure that you will always have the right set of tools needed to perform your tasks efficiently.

  • Aircraft Schedule Management
  • Aircraft Operations Control
  • Crewing Planning & Management
  • Post Production Analysis
  • Business Control (Decision support across all operational stages)

RAIDO will be available in the following platforms: Desktop (Earth), Web-browser (Cloud) and Mobile (Fire).

Aircraft Schedule Management

Long and short term schedule development and management is a very complex strategic element of profitable airline operations. With RAIDO’s powerful business logic tools, you will be able to automatically optimize your route network, taking into account such factors as: forecast cost and revenue, expected passenger demand, fleet and crew capacity, flight time limitations, code-share management, and much more.

RAIDO, as a decision support tool will be very flexible, so you can quickly and easily adjust and react to changing market demands to visualize, modify and optimize your route network. RAIDO will also help you to analyze, compare and produce alternative scheduling strategies, resulting in a more robust and profitable route network.

Another key feature in RAIDO is 3A - Automated Aircraft Availability. 3A is a unique marketing tool that automates processes for the Adhoc charter market, bringing aircraft charterers, tour operators and airlines closer together. Airlines can market and publish spare aircraft capacity in real time, so that other airlines, aircraft brokers and tour operators can easily see potential availability for aircraft chartering purposes.

Aircraft Operations Control

In a rapidly changing situational environment, the day-to-day running of airline operations can be very demanding. We understand the importance of complete proactive control of your operational situation, as it changes and develops. Flights can be delayed, diverted or cancelled due to air traffic restrictions, technical problems, adverse weather, or crew sickness etc.

RAIDO offers full operational decision support, enabling you to constantly monitor and react to operational developments in real-time.

RAIDO helps you to maintain the integrity of your flight schedule and quickly recover from any irregular operational disruptions.

With its powerful integral business logic, you will manage your fleet more efficiently and make the right financial and operational decisions for your airline.

The RAIDO Gantt displays flight information such as: departure/arrival information, delay reasons, adverse weather warnings, flight diversions, aircraft on ground, crew information, aircraft maintenance etc. Users can quickly and easily create, swap, move, and cancel flights interactively from the RAIDO Gantt. RAIDO also has sophisticated and flexible reporting tools, an integrated slot manager, send/receive message handling functionality and on-time performance tracking.

RAIDO will also feature a dynamic and rule based ‘Event Flow Manager’, which is completely user definable and is set up to suit your requirements. You can set up activities flow, using the RAIDO rule engine, and link it to a specific event. For more information, see "Automated"

Aircraft turn-around is monitored in RAIDO to greatly improve operational punctuality, resulting in lower costs and a better service to passengers. Time stamps will capture and display, in real time, each turn-around event, such as: embarking, disembarking, refueling and catering. RAIDO will identify and presents the root cause of delays, helping your airline quickly resolve any weak links in the turn-around.

Crew Management

One of the most cost sensitive areas for any airlines is of course, crew management. An airline not only needs to ensure their flights are covered by qualified and legal crew, but also that crew costs associated with crew assignment such as: hotel accommodation, crew transport and fatigue management etc, are all kept to a minimum. We understand that you need to analyze manpower demand, to have complete control over your crew utilization - pairings and assignment. We understand that you need to publish legal rosters, and have good two-way communication with your crew. We understand that you need to quickly and easily recover from operational disruptions to minimize costs, and maintain your network integrity.

RAIDO's crew management solution will meet the needs of all kinds of airline business models, so you will be able to efficiently manage crew resources in both the long and short term. These include: manpower demand analysis, crew pairing optimizer, crew assignment optimizer (rosters), training planning, system alerts for unqualified or illegal crew, daily crew operations, and disruption management.

Crew Planning

In the planning phase, RAIDO’s crew management solution will provide you with fully automated tools to: analyze manpower requirements, taking into consideration: vacation, training, transport and hotel bookings etc. You will be able to build optimum crew rosters that fulfill crew regulatory requirements and any union or company restrictions that are applicable.

RAIDO will generate optimized crew pairings, crew assignment, and creates/publishes legal crew rosters.

RAIDO will consider individual crew requests and preferences (soft rules) when building crew rosters.

RAIDO will optimize crew utilization using the following operational models: fair assignment, preferential and line bidding.

RAIDO will offer sophisticated and flexible system alerts and reporting functionality, helping you to keep track of: crew duties/rest, training, vacation, salaries, medical checks, passport expiry, fatigue management, cosmic radiation etc.

Post Production

One of the most important parts of airline management, to improve productivity and efficiency, is the post production follow-up phase.

Comparing and analysing planned against actual operations is an integral part of the business and a necessary step when making important decisions about future production.

RAIDO's business logic and inbuilt rule-engine, together with extensive reporting analysis tools, helps you in post production to review your performance and identify areas for improvement or focus.

Business Control

RAIDO's comprehensive Business control will be at the core of the system’s foundation. We realise that in airline management, profitability is always the bottom line. We also understand that it is essential to have strategic decision support tools, to constantly assess the operational situation as it changes and develops; not only in planning, but throughout all phases of operations.

Planning phase
In the planning phase, RAIDO’s business control will help you to evaluate: the quality of your fleet and schedule planning, cost factors in crew resource planning, passenger demand - booked and forecasted passenger figures, and overall forecast revenue.

Day of operation
Any change in your airlines business will have an impact, both operationally and financially. RAIDO's flexible decision support and system alerts will make sure that you always have very detailed information, when you need it. On the day of operations, RAIDO will help you assess the financial impact of irregular operations and adhoc flights etc, by presenting you with related fixed and variable costs, helping you to make the appropriate business choices for your operation.

RAIDO will not only consider the financial picture, but also simultaneously presents you with related operational information such as: weather minima, crew/aircraft resources.

Here are some typical examples where business control can help you. (Some of these items are still under development)

  • Network planning long/short term.
  • Fleet planning optimization (under development)
  • "What if" scenarios – with cost assessment
  • Crew management cost assessment
  • Key figures –load factor, RPK, ASK, gross margin, yield etc
  • Fixed and variable cost / forecast revenue
  • Booked and forecasted passenger figures
  • Irregular operations – diversions, cancellations, equipment changes etc
  • New flight – Consider profitability and break-even load factor
  • Fuel uplift cost management
  • On-time performance assessment
  • Carbon emissions
  • Turn around – evaluate delay reasons and assess financial impact

Technical Description

RAIDO will be available in the following platforms: Desktop (Earth), Web-browser (Cloud) and Mobile (Fire). All modules share the same database and business logic.

RAIDO EARTH - Desktop application (under development)
RAIDO's Desktop version will be built entirely on ‘Windows Presentation Foundation’ - (WPF). This state of the art technology uses an XAML language based user interface that is at the forefront of contemporary developmental software. It is very flexible, fast and compelling with a modern and intuitive GUI design.

RAIDO CLOUD - Web application
In terms of functionality and interaction, the RAIDO web version is rather similar to the RAIDO desktop. With RAIDO WEB you do not have to install anything on your computer or worry about platform compatibility issues. RAIDO WEB is available from anywhere. All you need is an Internet connection. This is particularly useful, for example, if you need to share information with your colleagues or even third parties.

RAIDO FIRE - Mobile application
Fast and effective information exchange is essential in a modern airline. The RAIDO Mobile platform, which may be used in conjunction with both desktop and mobile versions, will be necessarily a more slimmed down version, but the user will still have a rich assortment of functionality to choose from, and of course it available at any time wherever you are. RAIDO Mobile is designed specifically to improve the way your airline communicates both internally and externally. This is particularly useful when keeping in touch with your crew.


Amapola, Blue Islands, Direktflyg, InselAir, Logainair, Manx2, Nordflyg, Smartlynx Airlines, Swedish Armed Forces, Titan Airways

Categories and features

Crew management

Bidding system (roster, training, off, vacation)
Centralised manpower planning
Cosmic radiation report
Crew assignment
Crew control and tracking
Crew disruptions optimizer
Crew duty roster
Crew licences
Crew medical exams
Crew notification
Crew personal information
Crew qualifications
Crew roster optimization engine
Crew web portal (or kiosk terminal)
Duty regulations
Expiry dates
HOTAC management
Pairing construction
Pairing optimization
Simulation scenarios (crew)
Statistics and reports (crew management)
Training management

Finance and accounting

Contract management

Fleet management

Fleet assigning

Flight operations control

Airport weather warning
Automatic OPS messaging (MVT, LDM...)
Delays analysis
Flight following and monitoring
Irregularities solver
On-time performance
Simulation scenarios (operations)
Weather monitoring

Fuel management

Airline fuel performance
Fueling reports

Planning & scheduling

Airport slot management
Codeshare connections management
Connections analysis
Connections builder
Flight costs assigning
Flight scheduling
IATA SSIM compliant
Profitability simulation
Scenario analysis and management
Statistics and reports (scheduling)

Revenue management

Direct operating costs
Flight costs
Indirect costs
Revenue forecasting
Statistics and reports (revenue)
Yield management

Reporting tools


Our Head Office is situated in Stockholm, Sweden and we also have offices in Malmö Sweden, and UK, (as well as representation in various other countries). We started out providing communication services on HF radio to the aviation community in 1968. Since then, our company has grown into a full service aviation communication provider.

Our primary focus is to make a difference in delivering real time data to a wide variety of areas within the airline industry. With dynamic solutions using cutting edge technology to integrate seamlessly with existing systems, we aim to assist airlines and airport facilities to substantially reduce operating costs and increase efficiency.

Our products and services include: HF Radio, Type B messaging Satellite Communication as well as a comprehensive suite of revolutionary airline system software and services that handles all your business and operational requirements, putting you in complete control of your business.

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