Operating System: Web-based

Product description

EFOS is an easy to use, web-based crew portal and flight operations management system available on the web, as an app on iPhone and iPad and also on EFBs.

It is provided on a Software as a Service basis and can be fully integrated with your existing operational systems. EFOS is modular so you can start small and add modules as you need them.

EFOS is highly configurable and we make every effort to make sure it works for your airline. We provide you with all the help you need during implementation and carry on giving great support throughout our relationship. We’re very proud of the fact that our customers come to us first when they need something new.

EFOS consists of the following modules:

  • Charter quotes
  • Ops board & log
  • Management dashboard
  • Flight folders
  • Journey log
  • Fuel analysis
  • EU-ETS
  • Audits
  • Analysis & charting
  • Reports
  • Crew notices
  • Cabin reporting
  • Crew expenses
  • Expiry dates
  • Leave bidding
  • Uniform management
  • Exams & surveys
  • Library
  • Training forms
  • Safety forms
  • Company forms

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Categories and features

Crew management

Crew expense claim management
Crew notification
Expiry dates
Training management
Uniform management

Document management

Company library facility
Crew reports library
Flight order
Journey log

EFB software

E-journey log

ETS/CO2 reports

CO2 emmision report (ICAO and EU compliant)

Finance and accounting

Charter invoice management

Fuel management

Airline fuel performance
Statistics and reports (fuel)

Inflight & catering

Cabin techlog
Passenger incident report

Planning & scheduling

Charter planning
Flight quotation

Reporting tools

Customizable reports
Exams and surveys
Management reporting

Safety management

Aviation safety reporting forms

Flight operations control

Evoke Systems

Evoke Systems Limited is a British software company founded in September 2001, primarily focusing on the development of software to improve the efficiency of flight operations. The Electronic Flight Operations System (EFOS) draws on the founders’ experiences in commercial flight operations, development of secure networks, intelligent data analysis and software authorship.

The company also provides bespoke web-based applications, communication solutions, consultancy, training and technical resolutions for the airline and other industries. Evoke Systems is an HP Business Partner and has been a Microsoft Certified Partner since early 2003.

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