Airline Catering Solution

Main Advantages:
+ Streamlined of procurement process
+ Better reporting and tracking for the contract release orders/schedule lines created against the contract/scheduling agreement
+ Online status availability at any stage of the procurement status will help in better job planning
+ Increasing the reliability and maximum use of core data
+ Better Quality Control and Management
+ Inventory only purchased when needed
+ Maximum use of supplier pricing breaks
+ Reduction in inventory and inventory carrying cost in the Long Run
+ Less likely hood of stock outs as well as overstocking.

Product description

Aircraft passengers like to drink or eat while travelling; airlines put considerable effort into ensuring their customers have a choice of drinks and meals, keen to make their travel as pleasurable as possible. But while the result is a relaxed journey ,it takes a complex logistical operation behind the scenes to make it possible For airline ,catering department have to ensure planes are stocked with a variety of beverages and foodstuffs is one task that never stops. The Department prepares and packages meals, transports them to airports and stocks planes seven days a week.

Information from various sources has to be merged to forecast demand. Random influences have also to be considered in order to provision all stations in a network on-time with items needed to service the in-flight order. Purchase orders to suppliers have to be released and controlled and materials flows have to be routed.

Warehouses have to be operated in strategic locations to minimize lead-times and costs, while at the same time ensuring highest availability of supplies. Caterers’ inventories at stations have to be tracked to determine optimal replenishment quantities, to control process quality and to balance routable assets within the network.

Orane Consulting Catering Solution capable of dealing with the challenges of catering operation for an airline. It streamlines and automates the process of forecasting, demand management, material requirement planning, procurement, production to quality management and billing.

Orane Consulting Catering Solution provides timely information about items needed to service the catering order. Materials flows can be routed from vendor to warehouse to production and finally to aircraft. Warehouses process can be optimize for minimize lead-times and costs, while at the same time ensuring highest availability of supplies. Inventories at stations can be tracked to determine optimal replenishment quantities, to control process

quality and to balance rotable assets within the network. Airline maintains scheduling agreement with vendors and customers. Working with scheduling agreements can shorten processing .With this solution it is possible if airlines want to sell their catering service they can sell their services through contracts with agreements maintain in SAP, end to end invoice billing can be done. With the help of Business intelligence it will be possible to calculate cost of meal per flight.


Categories and features

Inflight & catering

Billing and invoice management (catering)
Catering equipment forecast
Catering equipment inventory
Catering production management
Meal management

Orane Consulting

Orane Consulting is an airline IT solutions provider to the global airline industry based in India. We have airline and technology experience, we have built an impressive portfolio of innovative products encompassing airline financial solutions, logistics and human capital solutions. Our solution ranges from treasury and FSCM, direct operating cost, route profitability, uniform management, dispute management, revenue accounting, business analytics, balance scorecard, business planning, catering ,duty free in-flight solution, uniform management, treasury, dispute management, Real Estate, Travel Management, Workforce Management, Talent Management etc.

  • Strengths on core SAP ERP  product as well as niche such as BI, BPC product in Airlines
  • Have Airline domain expertise helps airlines in integrating its external systems with SAP
  • Direct Operating cost and route profitability on SAP specifically designed for the Airline Industry
  • With more than 3000 man month of experience, founded in 2009, with employee strength of 100 including more than 80 functional SAP consultants.
  • In House Innovative Airlines Solutions on SAP

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