Operating System: Web-based

Main Advantages:
+ Web based service with cross wide platform support
+ Accessible securely from anywhere
+ No installation required (SaaS – Software as a Service)
+ Live Booking Engine
+ Live Sales and Operations Dashboard
+ Fully flexible solution
+ PCI compliant

Product description

AeroCRS is a cloud based system for managing and operating a small airline scheduled or charter based operation.

AeroCRS will provide to your airline a one stop solution for most of your airline needs in the reservations (scheduled or charters), operations, CRM (Customer relationship management), agents management system with a dedicated system / website access for remote agents, a full running website with a full CMS (Central management system). FID (Flight information display), Check-in and Gate control, accounting and more! – yes all of those services packed in to one place.

Of-course you can select to utilize parts of the system that you see fit for your operations.

Small and medium airlines or charter operators operate under a strict and small budget, AeroCRS allows the management to get the full answer to the aviation operator needs in one small system, with AeroCRS you don’t need to install any software or special hardware in your company, just browse the inter, AeroCRS is supported on all major browsers and operating systems.

The very short, 2 days set-up of AeroCRS and another 4 days of training, you will get your aviation operation under the advanced AeroCRS software, as AeroCRS is a SaaS (Software as a Service) you do not need to pay special installation fees, we just set up your company profile and you can get started, you can also select our “website included” package, and get a full operational website for your operation.

Small and medium airlines move away from expensive, complicated legacy systems and traditional distribution channels – airlines prefer to deal with the customer directly or directly with the agent without the need of a BSP or GDS therefor increasing the revenue in their airline income.

AeroCRS operates a dedicated support line, the support is accessible in various ways, the first one is a small “help” button located within the system, this button allows you to chat directly with one of the support representatives (when available) or send an e-mail with an automated screen shot of the current screen you are in, the second channel is through standard e-mail address, the third channel is through our support website, located at there you can also find a full knowledge base of the system with picture training and soon it will include video, the last channel is our Skype center or our direct phone lines for support which are available during working hours.

AeroCRS updates on a regular basis, our customers can always follow us on our twitter account to get updates on system updates, updates etc.

Basic modules include:

Reservations and CRM

AeroCRS main feature is the CRM (customer relationship manager), this feature allows a company to hold all her clients in one centralized location, the customer listing will go with him to wherevevr he goes, if it is within the system or in the website, accesaible to him from the internet.

Flight Operations

AeroCRS is quipped with a sophisticated flight management system.

Airport Operations

AeroCRS provides a special check-in screen so you can professionally manage check-in counter for all of your flights, and for airlines which operates their own lounge with a built in flight information display, with information from the system, so you don’t need to update two separated systems.

Fares and Classes

AeroCRS marketing module enables you to manage fares, classes, circuit routes management and more, all of the set-up options are flexible so you can maximize your income. Classes of sales in AeroCRS is a flexiable solution, the system accepets as many classes as you would like to operate.

Charter Operations

- Charter operations: In AeroCRS system, you can manage your charters easily, start with a quote, and finish with a manifest template and tickets to give to your customers. The charters will be managed with an operational aspect as well as a customer service aspect.

- Crew and Aircraft Management: Log crew actual hours, general information, licesing reports, crew allocations, crew ratings and more information about your crew will be visible to you on hand. Log aircraft usage on an easy to see screen information, see when your aircraft are available immediately and point out refillable slots to better utilize the usage of your fleet.

Charter Operational Costs Management

Manage each charter operations costs and know your profit from each charter made, on aircrafts or routes break down.

Agents Management

- Agents: AeroCRS manages agents, agents are defined in our system, as “sales representatives” of your company, they have the ability to sell your flights and they get a commission. AeroCRS enables you to manage the agents information, agent contact details, and more.

- Credit And Booking Control: Any agency is assigned with its own booking and credit limits, credit days and payement limits.

- TTL And Sales: Besides setting the TTL (Ticketing time limit) per class you can set the TTL per class per agent to overrule company TTL if needed.

- Balancing Accounts: AeroCRS is equipped with a special balance screen to enable accounting control to manage all balance, due invoices, payments, disputes and deposit for the agents.

Loyalty Programs

With AeroCRS system, you can easily manage a variety of loyalty programs for your clients. AeroCRS frequent flyer system, comes with an integrated set scheme for several options of running a frequent flyer program, you can run different levels of a program or you can run separate programs according to your airline frequent flyer program.

Distribution Management

AeroCRS gives you the client several possible ways to distribute yourself and sell more seats: CRS, Web App, Website, Agents Web Login, Agents CRS, API (XML API), LDS, Affiliate, Coupon Codes

Website management (IBE)

AeroCRS comes with an integrated website, not just an API (application protocol interface) or a web booking engine, AeroCRS customers get a full operational website, including many features and management console.

Packages management

One of the lasest features AeroCRS develeoped, is the ‘Packages’. AeroCRS is always thinking of more options to make more sells online.The packages feature allow you to create a deal for your customers of as many nights and days you may want, include flights and hotel information, add the fares, date and rulles and you are ready to go live in minutes.

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Categories and features

Customer relationship & loyalty

Activities & redemption
Correspondence with customer
Customer relationship management
Frequent-flyer miles/points
Gift packages

Departure control

Check-in and boarding control
Web check-in

Fares management & pricing

Fare and rules management
Fares and passenger types

Flight operations control

Automatic e-mail notification system

Ground operations

Integration with FIDS (Flight Information Display Systems)

Planning & scheduling

Charter planning
Flight costs assigning
Flight scheduling

Reservations & Distribution

Access fare and pricing information
Availability and booking
Create and amend PNR
Credit card processing
Direct fare filing
Edit itineraries
Integrated IBE
Loyalty data exchange
Multiple payment options
Real-time inventory management
Real-time selling
Reservation modification/cancellation
Sales channels (E-commerce, B2B, B2C)
Sales summaries and reports
XML standards


AeroCRS is programmed by Enoyaone LTD, a high tech company based in Israel.

Since 2004, the company team provides aviation software for the travel industry around the world, specializing  in the complexity of operating for airlines the schedule based and charter in a scattered area without airports, along side our hotels and tour operating systems.

Our team is comprised from support staff, programmers and designers, as the AeroCRS system is a very flexible solution we are able to change the system so it will fit most travel operators in the industry, as we also maintain customer’s websites, we provide them with specific website design or changes in our template design of their website.

In our company we put our main concern that you, the travel provider, will get the most efficient service, if it is a service request or a simple request for a small change in the system, most of the issues are resolved within days, while some of them which require special programming will be inserted in to our schedule of development at no charge for you, unless you request this programming to be dedicated for you only.

AeroCRS is built on a powerful cloud infrastructure composed from several servers, all of our company servers are located in the USA in a special server hub serving some of the biggest companies.

Thank you for your request.

We will contact you as soon as possible.

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