Onboard Live Credit Card Authorization (Live CCA)

Communications: VHF or Inmarsat SATCOM (either Classic or SwiftBroadband)

Main Advantages:
+ Generate added revenue with fast credit authorisation
+ Available for commercial and private aircraft
+ Fully incorporated into POS devices
+ Part of ARINC’s In-flight Entertainment portfolio of services

Product description

ARINC is making it easier for airlines to manage bad credit card debt and generate additional revenue with software that enables live authorization in flight. Now airlines can provide duty-free sales on their existing point-of-sale (POS) devices and receive authorization immediately, as well as facilitate passenger purchases such as high-end items or seat upgrades.

The unique ARINC Live CCA service is an innovative addition to the in-flight application suite of communication and entertainment options pioneered by ARINC for passengers on both private and commercial flights.

Fully customizable to the airlines’ specific requirements, the Live CCA software is incorporated into the POS device and the aircraft server. All transactions are encrypted and sent via satellite, be it VHF or Inmarsat SATCOM (either Classic or SwiftBroadband), to the airline’s network to directly interface with the credit card clearing house.

As part of ARINC’s increasingly sophisticated portfolio of in-flight passenger services, Onboard Live CCA will be customizable to the needs of any private or commercial aircraft. ARINC can expand communication protocols as needed, optimize integrated hardware, and ensure the use of multiple POC devices.


Categories and features

Inflight & catering

Inflight duty-free sales
Inflight seat upgrades
Live credit-card authorisation


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