Interfacing: DCS, Weight & ballance apps,

Main Advantages:
+ Baggage-passenger matching
+ Automated tracking anywhere in the airport and beyond
+ Fully-integrated with critical applications
+ Fully-integrated with critical applications

Product description

Efficient, reliable baggage reconciliation is vital to overall airport operations. Being able to track bags anywhere in an airport prevents misdirected baggage and potential delays, tightens security, and cuts the costs of manual procedures. BagMatch - from ARINC - is the comprehensive solution to your multi-faceted baggage processing challenges.

Utilizing wireless barcode technology, computer-generated tags, and radio frequency identification (RFID) for advanced, beyond line-of-sight tracing, BagMatch is able to track baggage from curbside to aircraft and beyond—verifying whether or not they match with passengers, preventing bags from getting on flights passengers don’t, and redirecting them when necessary.

A fully-interoperable baggage management solution, BagMatch easily links to departure control, flight information displays, weight and balance applications, and any other systems within the airport infrastructure. And BagLink provides the interface between any host system and the airport’s sortation system.

Maximize your baggage management capabilities with BagMatch—and keep your operations securely on track.


  • Baggage-passenger matching
  • Automated tracking anywhere in the airport and beyond
  • Fully-integrated with critical applications

Categories and features

Baggage management

Baggage tracing
Bagtag barcode
Mark bag functionality


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