Avantik PSS

Interfacing: Accounting system

Main Advantages:
+ cost-effective, easy-to-use solution based on the latest technology
+ indispensable and strategic tool in a highly competitive market
+ combining the benefits of global distribution through the parent system with the control over an airline's own data on a scalable and robust platform

Product description

Avantik offers the world's first true low cost core reservation and sales distribution system for regional airlines and low cost carriers. Avantik offers a unified architecture with open connectivity, highest flexibility and a new and easy way of handling passenger sales.

Avantik is an integrated and web-enabled reservation and inventory system solution that includes Internet, call center, sales office, airport departure control functionality and more. Avantik is built expressly to satisfy the needs of airlines implementing an efficient, market-oriented and paper-less business model.


Avantik breaks with the philosophy of existing mainframe based airline reservation systems. Its innovative system and networking architecture, highly flexible graphical user interface, database design and use of industry standard components provide a highly flexible platform for an airline's operational environment. It is geared to the needs of domestic, regional and low cost carriers.

Avantik is more than an airline reservations and check-in system. It provides integrated yield management tools, revenue accounting and planning applications. All operations data is shared on the network and easily accessible by any type of application and user.

System Architecture

Avantik is based on a modern, robust, state-of-the-art, multi-tier architecture also known as the 3-tier model.

The foundation for this concept is an object-oriented architecture that allows modular re-usable components that are available to all parts of the application. The database is conceived for flexibility and can be easily expanded. Internal control mechanisms monitor data consistency. Special processes allow the quality of data entries to be checked at the user level.

In contrast to legacy or conventional systems, entered data is not deleted but remains available online for as long as possible. Accumulated data is one of the most valuable assets in an enterprise that can be evaluated for middle and long term planning purposes.


Air Calédonie, Alsie Express, Antrak Air, Aurigny Air Services, Business Air (Thailand), Cobalt Airlines, Edelweiss Air, Gambia Bird, Germania, InterSky, IRS Airlines, Peach Aviation, People's Viennaline, PrimAir, Sky Greece Airlines, Sky Express Airlines, SkyWork Airlines, Susi Air, Tassili Airlines, Trawel Fly, Vair, VECA Air, Yeti Airlines

Categories and features

Departure control

Check-in and boarding control
IATA messages (DCS)
IATA standard (DCS)
Seat allocation
Web check-in

Fares management & pricing

Fare and rules management

Finance and accounting

Revenue accounting

Flight operations control

Flight following and monitoring

Planning & scheduling

Flight scheduling

Reservations & Distribution

Access fare and pricing information
Availability and booking
Credit card processing
Edit itineraries
GDS interface
Integrated IBE
Real-time inventory management
Real-time selling
Sales channels (E-commerce, B2B, B2C)
Sales summaries and reports
XML standards

Revenue management

Statistics and reports (revenue)

Bravo Passenger Solutions

Bravo acquired (3rd May 2014) the Avantik business from Mercator, formerly a subsidiary of Emirates Airlines. The Bravo team is excited to combine the breadth of experience of Bravo management and leadership with the team that crafted the potent airline PSS solution that is Avantik. This is an organization made up of airline industry and supplier executives as well as technology experts whose only focus is driving value for our airline customers.

Several things set Bravo apart from its competitors:

  1. Significant industry expertise – Our leadership all have experience managing airlines from CEO throughout the organization. This enables an empathetic view of the market, and a vision that is driven by a commitment to customer support.
  2. Customer Support – many providers struggle to deliver strong customer support. Our vision, goal and drive is to be unequaled in our provision of customer support. We recognize that we supply a service to our customers that they use as their storefront, revenue source, information source, and business development solution. Our customers must be successful for us to be successful.
  3. Strong core product - There are a lot of PSS systems in the market. Given the range of experience the newly combined team brings, we firmly believe that our solution is the solution to build on. Our core strength gives our customers, and future customers key components they can use to build their businesses.

There are more, but we think these are the most important to share – give us a call, or send us a note to learn more.  We are always happy to share our views and visions.

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