Main Advantages:
+ Manages all ground-air and ground-ground messages
+ Works with any data link service
+ Integrates with third-party and legacy applications

Product description

To promote efficient and safe aircraft operation, controllers, aircrews, dispatchers, schedulers, technicians, and other ground personnel need an accurate, reliable, and flexible way to communicate with each other. Data link communications has emerged as the technology that, increasingly, is replacing voice communications in meeting this need.

To maximize the effectiveness of data link communications, personnel that create and send messages—both ground-to-ground and air-to-ground—require a message interface solution that is easy to use, is consistent with their work flow, and simplifies the entire message-management process. That's where ARINC OpCenter comes in.

OpCenter is a total, web-based messaging solution for any person who communicates with flight or ground crews via data link service. Its flexible, customizable message-management capabilities can be adapted to meet the needs of any operational environment.

Accessible from anywhere the Internet is available, OpCenter has a simple interface that's as intuitive to use as any web-based e-mail: users can view, reply to, and send free-text or preformatted aeronautical operational control (AOC) and other messages; and quickly filter, sort, and archive these messages. Users can also change viewing options, such as the number of messages displayed, and quickly create, delete, and sequence message-filtering rules.

OpCenter supports all interline communications and air-to-ground messaging formats, including FANS and CNS/ATM message decoding. Its 128-bit encryption technology allows a secure log in. It is completely data link independent, supporting any media (VHF, HF, and SATCOM), any protocol (ACARS®, which uses ARINC's GLOBALink/VHF technology, and VDL), and any service provider—not just ARINC. OpCenter provides message parsing and rerouting to feed data link information to third-party applications, such as GE/Sage, Airbus Airman 2000, Airbus AIMS, Bornemann Flight Trac, and Rolls Royce Compass.

In addition, OpCenter can meet your U.S. and Hong Kong predeparture clearance hosting needs. OpCenter receives and stores clearances sent by air traffic control and delivers them upon request from the aircraft. Finally, OpCenter's flexibility allows customization to meet specific customer needs, such as airframe flight hours and cycles reporting, automated takeoff ETD update requesting, and air-to-air communications. Recently, OpCenter has added another service to its Air Traffic Services (ATS) family—ARINC623 Departure Clearance. It uses OpCenter’s High Availability Service Bureau Platform and is designed as a low-cost, user-friendly, easily configurable system to enable an airport tower to obtain the full benefits of using data link for Departure Clearance.


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Community messaging

Datalink service
Messaging gateway


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