AviNet® Messaging

Main Advantages:
+ Complete suite of messaging solutions
+ Low-cost modern platforms
+ Flexible pricing plans
+ Client, access, and transport options
+ Access to over 700 aviation business partners
+ Any-to-any protocols
+ High-performance messaging backbone
+ 24x7 support

Product description

AviNet Messaging Solutions provide a robust and convenient capability to exchange critical information, meeting all of your business-class messaging needs while optimizing your current infrastructure and keeping costs down. AviNet Messaging Solutions support the full complement of industry messaging formats and protocols, and can deliver your messages using any of the AviNet Network Solutions and Type B Access products.

Regardless of the message or network protocol or network access technology that your business uses, with AviNet you will be able to communicate with airlines and aviation partners on ARINC’s industry-wide global extranet. Our messaging backbone has interoperability built in, so you can pick the technology that best suits your applications and not have to worry about the technology choices of your partners.

The AviNet Messaging Solutions suite of services includes:

Whether you’re sending or receiving messages using legacy or new technology, AviNet Messaging offers lower costs, unequalled flexibility, convenience, unsurpassed quality, end-to-end security, and complete operational support.


STARS Airlines Tunisia

Categories and features

Community messaging

Message management
Messaging gateway
Type A messages
Type B messages


Our customers expect results. And everyone at ARINC is dedicated to meeting—even exceeding—your expectations. As the premier provider of communications, engineering, and integration solutions, we help our customers in the defense, commercial, and government industries mitigate risk, improve operational and systems performance and meet program requirements. We are a global company distinguished by our technical strength, knowledge, and experience. Our innovation, disciplined pursuit of excellence, and dedication to your success are all key distinctions that define our past, strengthen our present and focus our future.

ARINC is a portfolio company of The Carlyle Group. For more information about ARINC, email corpcomm@arinc.com.

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