AVES - Aircraft Rotation Management

Operating System: Server side: Windows Server, UNIX, Linux; Database: Oracle, Informix and MS SQL server; Client: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7
Communications: SITATEXT, e-Mail, MQ etc.
Interfacing: Other AVES components

Main Advantages:
+ Automates the generation of optimal aircraft rotations.
+ Controls the loss of through revenue.
+ Responds quickly to competitive changes.

Product description

Assigning rotations to flight schedules can be a complex, time consuming, and labor intensive task. Suboptimal aircraft rotations or rotations not meeting operational and/or maintenance constraints are costly and can possibly prohibit legally operation of a flight schedule.


The KITE developed the Aircraft Rotation Management as a mathematical optimization model that automatically generates aircraft rotations, satisfying both maintenance and operational concerns. It has advanced decision-support capability and offers considerable savings of time and money for schedulers.


Czech Airlines

Categories and features

Fleet management

Fleet assigning
Tail assignment optimization

KITE Systems

KITE Systems is a Prague based IT solutions and services provider for the aviation and financial sector since 1993. The KITE Systems provides wide range of software solutions for flight operations management, for leasing companies and banks and covers the entire spectrum of IT services including consulting, application development, implementation and reliable operations.

The key element of our mission is to provide smart solutions with strong emphasis on optimization functions for all processes in customers operations. We believe that optimization techniques will become more and more important tools for our customers to reduce costs and maximize profits.

Since 7 July 2006 we are certified according to ISO 9001:2008 in the field of development and maintenance of software products and supply of computer technology.

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