AirCentre Airport

Main Advantages:
+ Determine optimal staffing levels
+ Create roster solutions for complex employee arrangements
+ Automate employee administration
+ Coordinate gate and ground support equipment (GSE) utilization
+ Effectively manage changes on the day of operations

Product description

Sabre AirCentre Airport is an integrated end-to-end resource management solution designed to handle the needs of airlines, ground handlers, airports, caterers, cargo handlers and airport-based government agencies.

Easily meet demands with optimal resource planning and rostering

Sabre AirCentre Airport offers forecasting and planning tools that use demand-driven resourcing to determine the most efficient resource levels, including airport staff, gates and equipment, required to meet the work demands for a given flight schedule. Additionally, it uses an industry-leading roster optimizer capability for defining standard and complex scenarios based on company bargaining agreements.

Streamline resource administration

Streamline the entire administration process by providing managers and supervisors with a powerful tool that centralizes all employee information and assists in tracking employee schedule changes such as vacation, training and overtime. The Web-based employee self-service portal enables your employees to request, view and execute many standard transactions including shift trades, swaps and vacation requests online, which can be processed automatically according to your company-defined rules.

Track and manage resources automatically

On the day of operations, the real-time management tools monitor the incoming flight schedule and other factors that might impact or disrupt airport operations. As changes occur, the solution can automatically respond and adjust resource allocations as defined by your company’s rules, or it will alert the operator to specific changes such as flight delays or gate changes.

Access an economical hosted solution

Our industry-leading, economical Software as a Service solution provides access to our superior applications while leaving the burden of IT support to us. This SaaS delivery method is a complete “application + hosting” solution, which includes hardware and management services, Sabre Airline Solutions and third-party software, and help desk and maintenance support.


Categories and features

Ground operations

Automated disruption recovery (ground)
Gate management
Staff planning (ground)
Staff roster optimization (ground)
Staff web portal (ground)
Terminal and remote parking stands management

Sabre Airline Solutions

As the world's leading provider of Software as a Service solutions for airlines and airports, Sabre Airline Solutions help 380+ companies better market their schedules, sell their products, serve their customers and operate efficiently. We also distribute software solutions and consulting services to customers spanning six continents, powering the progress of a key segment of the world’s largest industry — travel and tourism.

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