AdvancedCargo - Basis

Interfacing: AdvancedCargo Platform Component

Product description

AdvancedCargo - Basis contains important services required in all air cargo processes. This component is required by all cargo carriers, unless they have web services performing the same functions.

AdvancedPrices & Charges

AdvancedPrices & Charges manages all monetary-oriented rules. TACT, market and contract rates are maintained. Calculations are performed online and provided via web services to the processes on demand. Spot rates and quotes as agreed upon during the booking process are maintained and used for accounting. Other charges (e.g. fuel surcharge) are maintained. As with prices, calculations are performed online and provided on demand. Both prices and other charges are provided to the front office for cash customers, as well as to accounting for account customers.

AdvancedBooking use the services in AdvancedPrices & Charges to provide users in the respective processes with the necessary support.


Categories and features

Freight/Cargo management

Rates/special rates management

Lufthansa Systems

Lufthansa Systems offers a comprehensive portfolio of customized IT solutions for clients in selected industries and operates one of the most powerful data centers in Europe. Lufthansa Systems’ products and services provide added value for its customers in terms of enhanced efficiency, reduced costs or increased profits. The portfolio covers the full range of IT services, including IT consultancy, development and implementation of industry solutions and operation in the company's own data centers.

Long-term project experience, a deep understanding of complex business processes and strong technological know-how are the basis for the continuous expansion of Lufthansa Systems' service offering across many industries. Companies from different sectors, such as transport and logistics, as well as industry rely on the expertise of Lufthansa Systems. As a global IT service provider, Lufthansa Systems is focused on the continual expansion of its activities around the world. The company has a global presence and a sales structure which is oriented on its international target markets. Local points of contact enable short response times and a close proximity to customers.

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