Operating System: Web-based (usable for PC, PDA, Handheld)
Interfacing: BagMessage, WorldTracer

Main Advantages:
+ Checking that bags are being loaded correctly reduces the number of bags that go astray and substantially reduces costs associated with mishandled bags–costs that would otherwise have to be borne by the airline
+ Flight delays are minimized as a result of having access to the location of every bag on an aircraft. Reduced flight delays save direct gate parking costs and also improve customer satisfaction by ensuring on -time departures and by ensuring that connecting passengers make their flights
+ Improved staff effectiveness by providing real-time information, enabling staff to improve the quality of decisions
+ The automation of baggage management provides a powerful solution delivering optimal efficiency, as well as time and money saving

Product description

Every minute, 40 bags get mishandled worldwide. In 2014, that amounted to more than 24.1 million mishandled bags, costing the air transport industry US$ 2.4 billion.

More often than not, these bags go astray during the transfer process. By providing real-time information on baggage status, SITA BagManager cuts mishandled transfer rates by 20%, providing positive return on investment (ROI) from Day 1.

Suitable for airports, airlines and ground handlers, it provides industry-leading functionalities for loading, reconciling, tracking, tracing, and managing baggage operations. It’s also available through SITA’s ATI Cloud, providing quick implementation with no server equipment requirements onsite.

All of this from a single supplier – it’s no wonder SITA BagManager is installed in over 150 airports worldwide.

BagManager is a baggage management application  for airlines, airports and ground handlers. It matches bags with departing passengers and tracks bags in real-time throughout the airports it’s deployed.

This functionality is increasingly critical as the air transport industry moves closer to adopting IATA Resolution 753 in 2018. The resolution requires all IATA member airlines to monitor and log the status of passenger bags through the major stages of their journey.

BagManager keeps track of when bags exchange hands between airlines and ground handlers, as well as airlines and airports. It also handles the tracking and monitoring of departure and arrival bags, and it supports interfaces to automated baggage tag readers.


Categories and features

Baggage management

100% hold reconciliation
Assisted loading
Bag reflighting
Bag segregation
Communication with downline airports
Mark bag functionality


SITA is the world's leading specialist in air transport communications and IT solutions. We deliver and manage business solutions for airline, airport, GDS, government and other customers over the world's most extensive network, which forms the communications backbone of the global air transport industry.

Created and owned by the air transport community, SITA is the community's dedicated partner for information and communications technology. As a team of industry experts, our know-how is based on working with customers across the global air transport community. Almost every airline and airport in the world does business with SITA.

SITA innovates collaboratively with the air transport industry, and the industry itself drives the company's portfolio and strategic direction. Our portfolio includes:

  • Managed global communications, infrastructure and outsourcing services
  • Services for airline commercial management, passenger operations, flight operations, aircraft operations, air-to-ground communications, airport management and operations, baggage operations, transportation security and border management, cargo operations and more

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