Upgraded Flight Tracker in MOMook – more functions, more efficiency!


We are glad to announce the upgraded Flight Tracker in MOMook which has more valuable functions and is sure to power up the training process! The Flight Tracker is a real-time aircraft monitoring and controlling environment. With this module you will be able to supervise the traffic of your fleet and identify ways out to smart up YOUR flight training and organization!

The main features of the Flight Tracker:

  • Implemented route options, showing aircraft take-off and landing coordinates. 
  • Manages all aspects of the fleet – aircraft, pilot, route, maintenance, planning, safety, etc.
  • Includes track trip parameters such as location, address, movement history, speed, ignition status, trip duration, fuel level and consumption, temperature, etc.
  • Generates various reports that can be easily customized, printed or exported. It is a perfect tool for tracking performance, controlling pilots and presenting results.

If you have any questions, feel free to book a virtual meeting with us, or contact us via support@momook.com 


MOMook is a high-tech company developing aviation training management software. MOMook software is a web-based or on-premises solution designed to organize the modules such as scheduling, bookings, user management, testing, reporting, etc. which comprise the entire training system.

Also, as a pioneer in this field, MOMook presents innovative solutions such as a Flight Tracker and a Flight Simulator Self-service Terminal. 

Source: MOMOOK