OAG and RDC deliver better access to international online fares


OAG and RDC have developed a more extensive partnership to provide access to enhanced fare analysis across the globe. RDC’s market leading fare data is now included in the latest version of OAG’s passenger traffic tool, Traffic Analyser 2.0. 

Customers will be offered access to online fare data for Europe, Middle East and Africa stretching back to January 2015 and for Asia Pacific, back to January 2016. In total, fare data has been added for 56 airlines covering over 6,400 airport pairs.

The partnership also marks the start of a much closer sales relationship between OAG and RDC. Through OAG’s global sales channels, RDC’s airline performance analysis tool ‘Apex’ is now available in the Asia Pacific and North American markets.

Commenting on the expanded relationship, Mark Clarkson EVP Product Management for OAG:
“The addition of the online fare data delivers a unique proposition for our customers – by providing transparency on GDS-based fares and available online fares, our customers have more relevant data to make informed decisions on the fast analysis from Traffic Analyser.”

RDC, Peter Hind:
”We are delighted to have strengthened our partnership with OAG. We have worked hard to develop unique, relevant data to support analysts and decision makers. Having seen the ambition of the new Traffic Analyser tool, it was an obvious fit for our fare data. At the same time, being able to leverage OAG’s sales strength to promote Apex in Asia and North America is a win-win for us both.”

Apex delivers quick and accurate route analysis with an audited cost database against real airline financial data. Module based, it provides complementary analysis to OAG’s core analytics suite with access to fare analysis, route profitability and airline financial data.

About OAG

OAG is the leading global provider of digital flight information and provides accurate, timely and actionable information and applications across the travel sector to the world’s airlines, airports, government agencies, aircraft manufacturers, consultancies and travel related companies.

OAG has the world’s largest network of air travel data, including the definitive schedules database of more than 900 airlines and over 4,000 airports. With the most extensive flight status information database in the market, OAG handles more than 54 million records of flight status updates per year, processes 1.4 billion requests and continues to deliver in excess of 35 million dynamic flight status updates daily. 

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About RDC

RDC is a leading provider of airport data and airline performance analysis, with a range of products and services built around global datasets. RDC products are used by over 300 of the largest airports and airlines across the world to refine their analysis and inform decision making.

RDC has the world’s most comprehensive and detailed airport user charges database covering almost 3,000 airports across the globe. It also analyses over 1.5 million air-fares monthly which power the fare and airline profitability analysis in Apex.

Source: OAG