About Airline Software

State-of-the art information technologies and systems form an inseparable part of air transport. They are the key devices ensuring all processes in airlines are running smoothly and effectively. To ensure high quality of services and cost effectiveness airline companies are forced to put emphasis on the selection of the most suitable software products meeting their needs and expectations.

Airline Software is the leading on-line software and IT products database. We are the best intersection of airlines and software vendors making all of the stakeholders' life easier and saving precious resources and time. Presenting vendors profiles and their products for airlines (of all sizes) in one place, all categorized and described in details, allows users to choose the right product.

All information in our directory are based on data provided by vendors and are supplemented by real user experience.

Our website is free for use. If you could not find your product, please feel free to contact us.

Airline Software s.r.o. was founded in 2011 and is privately held.


Software vendor

We created a new way of airline software marketing. Our vision is to make all vendors and their products reachable for airlines. We offer:

  • Marketing services:
    • Basic free listing
    • Standard listing with initial fee only
    • Premium listing
    • Visitors statistics and analysis
    • Users product rating
    • Banner advertising
  • Brokering
    • Sales agent agreement
    • Request for information (RFI from airlines)
  • Consulting
    • Market review
    • Product comparison


    Our advantages:

    • Sharply targeted advertising (visitors are top level managers, IT managers, ground/flight operations managers, procurement, etc.)
    • Global coverage
    • Annual growth rate 70% for visits and 60% for pageviews
    • 80% new visitors
    • Premium advertising click-through rate 3-5% (1000 times better than average!)
    • In-depth market knowledge
    • Useful analytics data


    Airline manager

    Each company operates in different conditions thus requires different approach. We help to find the right product according required needs. Our advantages are:

    • 190+ vendors, 600+ products
    • Product categorisation, features list
    • Rating and comments of products
    • Advanced search and filtering
    • Software and IT news
    • Industry events
    • Request for proposal (RFP from vendors)


    Provided services:

    • Tailored list of vendors
    • RFI filtered by category or feature sent to vendors
    • RFI preparation and dissemination
    • Consulting (product selection, project management, etc.)

    Airline Software is providing airline consulting services through partnership with 3Green.


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